Mass Effect Andromeda: Aliens Take A 'Surprising' Amount of Work In The Game, Secret IP Updates

The 'Secret IP' is just the latest little secret the development team has hinted at.

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cplus1799d ago

I am so damn excited for this game!

Ocsta1799d ago

After they destroyed fan trust with the abomination that was the ending of Mass Effect 3, this game better have stellar reviews before I even think about buying.

ArchangelMike1798d ago

Yeah, they should have thought of something better than the Starchild - but the game as a whole was phenomenal. That whole last stand on earth sequence is among the best gaming moments for me. Still one of the best game franchises out there - and probably The best sci-fi RPG franchise ever made.

Ocsta1798d ago

Yeah I agree, the game itself was breathtaking. I just wish I didn't replay every previous game before 3 came out, to get my save "just right". I felt pretty stupid about that let me tell you. Oh and I cried tears of impotent rage but that's neither here nor there.

medman1798d ago

Mass Effect is my favorite trilogy in gaming history, and the series overall is my favorite experience from the last gaming is the one I will fondly remember for years to come.

JeffGUNZ1798d ago

As a gamer, especially for this game, I don't get too upset by endings. I look at it as this is their story and they should end it how they see fit. I get the frustration that they stressed that every decision impacts the game and the ending really didn't reflect that but overall, the gameplay and the story throughout was so strong that I believe it warrants the preorder just off that basis.

ArchangelMike1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

As soon as this game opens up for pre-order I'll be first in line.