Xbox One Quantum Break Release Date Teased

Upcoming time-bending Xbox One exclusive action game Quantum Break will be one of the titles featured in Microsoft's Gamescom briefing on Tuesday. And now the company has teased that it may announce the 2016 game's official release date during the show.

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sammarshall1021801d ago

My most anticipated game. I'm hoping Quantum Break releases before April

loopygames1801d ago

Forza 5, Ryse, Dead Rising 3, Quantum Break. I wanted this game the most out of all of the games Microsoft announced during the Xbox One unveiling. Can't believe it has almost been 2 years...

donthate1801d ago

Quantum Break and Titanfall was my most anticipated titles announced during Xbox One unveiling.

Titanfall more than met my anticipation, and this game just looks insanely good so far. Cannot wait!

It is so good to be an Xbox One gamer these days! It will probably be better after Gamescom to boot!!! :D

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Kingdomcome2471801d ago

It's my most anticipated game as well. Gamescom can't get here soon enough.

Rookie_Monster1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

When Phil said "you"ll be happy" about the QB release date announcement at Gamescom, it means it is pretty much Feb or March release.

I can imagine a lineup like this is already lined up for 2016 with a bunch of new MS owned IPS and a couple of highly acclaimed franchises returning:

Quantum Break Feb *new ip

Recore April *new ip

Crackdown Jun **cult favorite IP

Sea of Thieves Aug *new IP crossed platform play with PC.

Forza Horizon 3 Sep ***Best opened world racer series returned

Scalebound Oct *new IP

GEARS 4 Nov ****One of the best IPs of last gen and best 3rd person tactical shooter returns

That will be just about as perfect a release as we can get. Of course we can also have other games as well like those new games Phil said will be showing at Gamescom on Tuesday. Good time to be a XB1 owner.

TheLoCoRaven1801d ago

Ha! You're crazy. MS tends to release most games Nov-Dec . . . and Recore in April? Please. We don't even know what that game is yet.

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Rookie_Monster1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

LOL, if you watched the E3 revealing for Recore, it said "coming Spring 2016" and MS is pretty much good at keeping their release dates when they are announced compared to other console makers.

Also, this is a game made by the Mega Man and Metroid creator, so it is an exciting project for Xb1 players and I thought those are the type of games that people wanted MS to invest and take risk in instead of you know...the old Halo, Gears, Forza like most people here are proclaiming are the only games MS ever releases?

And this myth about MS only releasing games in the Fall season is just a myth as Lost Odessey, Alan Wake, Ninja Gaiden 2, Crackdown, Halo Wars, Gears Judgment are some of the major releases of last gen that MS had released in the first half of their respective release years. Shoot, Rare replay and Gears Ultimate is out this month, and those are not Nov/Dec releases.

guyman1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )


"and MS is pretty much good at keeping their release dates when they are announced compared to other console makers"

Your comments are cringeworthy

OpieWinston1801d ago

Recore/QB in Spring 2016 makes sense.

But Scalebound/Crackdown/Sea of Thieves would be fall IPs.

It's where they have the highest attach rate and MS wants to build more franchises on them.

If QB releases in Spring next year I'll be happy as a clam.

Kingdomcome2471801d ago

If it truly releases in Spring of 2016, I too, will be happy as a clam, though I've never quite understood that saying lol. It's been my most eagerly awaited game ever since it's reveal, along with the already released Arkham Knight.

jb2271800d ago

If Recore truly does release early 2016, it'll be the tightest a lid has ever been kept on development. Less than a year turnaround on big AAA ip from reveal to launch is pretty uncommon. The fact that we haven't seen footage of the game in action & unless they decide to forego cons and just release footage on a random day, won't see it this year at all just makes me wonder how this can be a game that is essentially ready to go. I doubt the title can hit a spring date, I'd say its more likely hitting during the holidays after a delay hits.

Rookie_Monster1800d ago


Just to remind you, Sunset was also reveal with just a CG trailer and was release a year later. We don't know when the game was actually started development as it could be started a year ago and they are saving gameplay reveal at the VGA show or later on this year. But MS just don't usually throw up a Spring 2016 release date without a full idea when the game will be ready. Shoot, they do it all the time as L4F2, Halo MCC, and all the Forza games were announced on the sme year they were release. I say recore should be pretty deep in development already.

jb2271800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

That would be a pretty perfect lineup schedule. MS should hire you to work out their lineups! But they need to be able to hit those deadlines and not delay games if at all possible. I think the delay trend needs to die out, I'm accepting of delays to make games better, but devs & marketing teams seem to be abusing this stance as of late, it seems to have become a type of preorder tactic. I would love it if all 2016 games actually released on their scheduled dates. We didn't see anywhere near the delays last gen that we've seen this gen.

As far as new game announcements, where does this come from? I hadn't seen any MS employee mention any new game reveals at Gamescom...I've seen mention of "surprises" but nothing pertaining to games.

Kingdomcome2471800d ago

Phil stated that there would be new game announcements at Gamescom, and many games that weren't at E3.

Satyre281801d ago

The way he worded that it truly seems like its coming very early 2015 which is amazing. I'm actually gonna go ahead and say February.

SuperStatePro1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

I agree. If that game comes out early 2015, that WOULD be amazing. I just hope it doesn't get pushed back to 2014...

StrayaKNT1801d ago

Xbox has the best line up in 2016 that I have ever seen In my life. Quantum break looks like it will carry Alan wakes crown of best action adventure game. Can't wait :)

guyman1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

alan wake is not action adventure... so yea, it cant cant hold a crown in that category. In terms of action adventure, Uncharted 4 steals the show