Three Single Player Games to Look out for in August

OnlySP: Hello Single Player gaming enthusiasts! We're half-way through the Summer months in North America and headed towards the busy Fall. But that doesn't mean there aren't any good releases to talk about for August. If your weather is anything like it's been on the West Coast this year, there's still plenty need to find ways to beat the heat and here are three strong August releases - in no particular order - that can help.

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UKmilitia1802d ago

thats actually 4 games.
jeez maybe learn to count before u write articles?

Wingsfan241802d ago

Yea, there's an honorable mention, but not part of the official list. Maybe you should learn grammar before writing comments. And, while you're at it take a chill pill.

Jerry Seinfeld1801d ago

It is a little silly to have a honorable mention on a list of things to look out for though. It's like, "Hey, be aware of these 3 games and also this other game, but not really, but now you are anyways."

I mean, this ain't no "top 10" or "best of list" where honorable mentions are actually appropriate.

UKmilitia1801d ago

i don't think my grammar was that bad considering i had just woken up and was only half way through my 1st coffee.

Rookie_Monster1802d ago

But Gears Ultimate also have MP so how is that included in the single player game category?

AstroCyborg1801d ago

because it has a single player

MilkMan1801d ago

Just Until Dawn for me, thanks.