Phil Spencer and Kamiya at Gamescom Rehearsals

It Seems Micrsoft's Gamescom rehearsals are going according to plan at least going by a tweet just posted by Aaron Greenberg, it looks like we'll also be getting the briefing on Scalebound from Kamiya himself!

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TheGreatGamer1804d ago

Whatever issue Kamiya had earlier this week with Microsoft, it looks like it's been fixed

nX1804d ago

Think so? It's actually pretty easy to fake that kind of smile. And I don't think his role in Microsofts Gamescom has changed at all so he's probably still annoyed by whatever it was last week.

Black0ut1804d ago

Don't you think that you might just be looking into it a tad too deeply? Kamiya does have a history of anger outbursts after all. Just food for thought =)

4Sh0w1804d ago

Yeah, don't know why nX can't just accept that the guy clearly just has a bit of a temper, I'm sure Phil being the professional that he is had a quick chat with him and smoothed out any of his gripes about the Scalebound presentation.

PistolsAtDawn1804d ago

It's also easy to see what you WANT to see.

StrayaKNT1804d ago

Dont think there was an issue. Just a normal rant kamiya's behalf.

I'm sure this game is going to blow minds and I can't wait to see more of it.


Gazondaily1804d ago

Yeah Kamiya is a hot head hehe

_-EDMIX-_1804d ago

Agreed. Kamiya does this often and I don't think it has anything to do with anything that will really effect the game.

He does this with many, many publishers yet his work is always amazing. Regardless of this issues with MS, Scalebound will be an impressive game, its like.....did he not have issues with all the other publishers? Yet those games still turned out fine.

TwoForce1804d ago

Despite Mr. Kamiya anger, he's still a nice guy.

Mikefizzled1804d ago

I'm scared GAF may crash when they have to concede that the XBO has a 10/10 Kamiya exclusive.

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1804d ago
SaveFerris1804d ago

Is that a Quantum Break t-shirt Phil Spencer is wearing?

Mikefizzled1804d ago

Can't wait to hear Sam Lakes broken English. Love his voice. :)

Kribwalker1804d ago

Maybe kamiya has his outburst as a way to drum up interest a little more. Some free publicity

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