Wii owners paying a premium for Guitar Hero Aerosmith

Mlive Reports: "Aerosmith didn't write "Money for Nothing" - that honor goes to Dire Straits - but that's exactly what Wii owners will pay as they lose a baffling $10 on a Guitar Hero Aerosmith bundle.

Since the Wii game lacks the high-definition visuals, downloadable content and digital audio of its Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 counterparts, it's basically the same as the PlayStation 2 version. And while every other console's guitar peripheral is a standalone controller, the Wii guitar won't work unless you stick a Wii remote in it.

To offset its shortcomings, Guitar Hero III for Wii costs $10 less than the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions. But Wii owners who want Guitar Hero Aerosmith are stuck shelling out premium prices for less game and less controller."

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PS360WII5543d ago

Wireless guitar vs wired guitar... yeah I think that is safe to throw out an extra 10 bucks for comfort.

Voiceofreason5543d ago

Didnt seem to bother the millions that bought more of Gh3 on Wii. I'll take this entire article as just an attempt to take a shot at the Wii.Premium prices when its cheaper than PS3 and 360? yeah that doesnt add up. Oh and he didnt even notice putting the Wii remote in the controller also adds motion sensing. Something the PS3 and 360 do not offer. oh and lets not forget the convinience of only needing 1 set of batteries between wii remote and guitar controller since the wii remote slides inside. Hmm I can sit here and in 30 seconds think of 2 advantages it has over PS3 and 360 version, no telling how long this kid was writing but he missed every benefit. I cant wait to see what he has to say about the WIi version of GH4. With everything offered on PS3 and 360 day one..

Zerkaboid5543d ago

I've always thought that Wii owners were getting the shaft when it comes to these games as well. The Wii remote provides the wireless connection and so the guitar should be cheaper. Not by a lot, let's say $10, but it really doesn't make sense to charge the same amount for a shell while PS3 and X360 owners get the full works. Unless of course, consumers are willing to pay it, which they clearly are.

Personally, I took advantage of the full refund Activision was offering for the problem with mono sound. It really was annoying to play it in mono after having played it on PS3 at a friends house in glorious surround sound. Picked up Rock Band for PS3 with the money (actually made a profit on the return, the shipping cost was not nearly what Activision was offering) and I've been happy ever since.

FantasyStar5543d ago

And that's what I never buy the Wii bundle. Charge us full amount for a guitar when the Wii-Mote is doing like 90% of the work.

What's funny is that the Wii-Mote uses Bluetooth as well just like the PS3, yet RedOctane can't get it through their heads to do the same for PS3. ****ing dongles!

Voiceofreason5543d ago

The reason they cant is simple. They use the whole Wii remote to do what they cant. I wouldnt want them to put the whole sixaxis in the guitar as their answer though. It just wouldnt look right imo. Oh and the version is still 10 cheaper and probably for that very reason.

Smacktard5543d ago

Guitar Hero Aerosmith is trash anyways, and every Guitar Hero to date has had like 3 good songs in them.

iamtehpwn5543d ago

Wii Guitar is only a cheap shell like the nunchuck, and the graphical and Sound quality are highly turned down. There's NO pay I'd pay the same price as the 360/ps3 version.

Voiceofreason5543d ago

Other than the mono sound that was fixed a month or so after release I think you are talking about the DS version of Guitar Hero. Wii version sounded the same as the 360 and PS3 version to me. Played like it, looked like it. Although nobody can deny it didnt match PS3 or 360 graphics.

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The list just shows how pedestrian the taste of the general audience is.

TK-661546d ago

Really depressing list across all platforms.

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2256d ago
Derceto2256d ago

Guitar Hero? Sure. Activision greed and bulls**t? No thanks.

subtenko2255d ago

No we DONT need guitar hero or rockband. These games have had 7+titles each console cycle and Im tired of these being the mainstream and practically only focused on musical game.

Amplitude was brought back for PS4 yet with the tech and magic of DLC we didnt get it because not only gamers but devs have become out of touch.

Thumper impressed many and is at least a step in the right direction. I rather have more games like thumper. So screw all this rockband and Guitar hero BS! Take your guitars and peripherals and break them in half!

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MeteorPanda2255d ago

I preferred the patapon games but yeah. We need rhythm games to come back this gen

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