Is Journey a Perfect Game? | The Game Bolt Podcast Ep. 22

The three J’s (Jake, Jon, Jason) sit down and discuss whether or not Journey is a perfect game.

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TWB2087d ago


Its not full of content and features but all that it has, it does perfectly.

Muadiib2087d ago

It's lovely certainly, for me Dark Souls is the perfect game though (as near as it's got for me so far anyway), I guess I expected or wanted Journey to have a bit more meat on the bones, I wanted a 100 hours epic and it was 3 hour snack, a tasty and lovely looking snack all the same.

Summons752087d ago

There is no such thing as a perfect anything. But Journey is certainly a fantastic games and one of the downloadable games there is.

Scrivlar2087d ago

Haha definitely not, but it is bloody awesome and I loved it!