Short Takes: N++ (PS4) - Punishing Platforming Perfection | Short Pause

Short Pause: "N++ has finally arrived on the PlayStation 4! Bender took some time out of his busy schedule this week to give the brutally difficult platformer an initial whirl. Was it worth the wait?"

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generalwinter1175d ago

Nice review - looks like a cool game, but the price seems a bit steep maybe?

TheDude791175d ago

I don't know my dude, there are over 2000 levels to complete, not to mention a level creator that is available to everyone; co-op (local); the ability to watch everyone else's replays, and a sick soundtrack. Toss in the PS Plus discount and you may be surprised by how much quality content you're getting here. I'm curious to hear your thoughts on the game should you decide to take the plunge!

TheDude791175d ago

I was getting my butt kicked early on, especially when trying to snag all the gold on each level, but this game has sunk its claws in me. This seriously might be the single best gaming soundtrack ever. Sucks there isn't an official soundtrack to purchase, but you can buy all the songs individually from the artists themselves. Has anyone come close to completing all the boards yet?