Is it too late to get into Metal Gear Solid?

On September 1, 2015 the newest member, and possibly final, in the Metal Gear Solid series will be released: Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. It will be the first time Xbox users will be able to play a full-length MGS game on day-one of release. This leads to the question on a lot of user’s mind, “Is it too late to get into Metal Gear Solid?”

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Chupa-Chupa1172d ago

it's never too late to get into anything. It's all in the eye of the beholder.

just_looken1172d ago

If this was resident evil 45 or cod clone number 65567 i would agree but if you pick up mgs 5 the story will make 0 sense and without the new slow down easy mode stuff no casual would enjoy the game.

Any true mgs fan knows one game never fills you into whats going on fully you must have a grasp on the series and its character's.Even mgs3 though a origin story if you never played metal gear 1/2 you would have no idea your controlling big boss until end game. Same with the eva-mgs4 big mama

In the phantom pain characters from peace walker/portable ops/mgs1 and metal gear will be in the game i can see alot of who is this guy? what was that? and this story sucks from first time players.

ThunderPulse1171d ago

Are you on crack? My first MGS was Snake Eater on PS2, so don't tell people such BS about the story not being able to make sense unless you played the rest.

just_looken1171d ago


Yeah msx over here so yeah i will take the 4 disagrees and wait for people to be asking who is frank yegar who is david? when phantom pain is out.

opoikl1172d ago

True. But I also think nothing can replace growing up with a franchise. When you experience newly released games within a certain IP over the course of let's say a decade, i.e. as they come out naturally, you get the feeling that these games have become rooted throughout human history because they're so strongly interwoven with your childhood, teen and young adult memories. Being able to grow up alongside the characters and events of the franchise will always be by far the most ideal situation.

TRASHBOAT___1172d ago

MGS is my favorite franchise and I got into MGS in 2012 .
I started with 3 and thats my favorite game of all time .

FallenAngel19841172d ago

Its never too late to get into anything

DarkOcelet1172d ago

You had to bring it up, did you? :(

☆☆☆☆ you Konami!

Youngindy211172d ago

They should remaster MGS 4 and release it on Xbox One and PS4.

GrandpaSnake1172d ago

Getting into metal gear late realy doesnt mean anything.I would be hard pressed to turn the hype down on any metal gear. Each metal gear game set the standard with every release.mgsv also has the third metal gear online.

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