Are Force Feedback Wheels and Racing Seats Really Worth It?

Everyone should have the experience of driving a sports car down winding roads at least once in their lives. At their best, they are the pinnacle of engineering. A combination of form and function.. Over time, they become an extension of oneself as control becomes effortless between drover and machine.

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FITgamer1175d ago

If you're a die hard racing game fan, yes. Totally different, and imo way better experience, than using a controller.

kneon1175d ago

I won't play a racing game with a controller, ever.

Oner1175d ago (Edited 1175d ago )

Totally understand & I'm with you on that, but since my G25 isn't compatible with the PS4 and I'm still unsure of the future and full support of the T500RS (want the 3rd pedal etc) on the PS4 I have been reluctantly relegated to going back to a DualShock...and it's been a bit of a while now (close to 10 years I believe) since I have made the switch.

"Back in the day" I tried wheels for the PS2 but was severely disappointed about the lack of FFB but managed to scoop up a G25 and an Obutto Chassis (off a review for a website link to pic below) and I haven't looked back...until this Gen. I'm okay with the situation for now, but won't be for much longer and ESPECIALLY when GT7 drops.

I've really become spoiled by not only the improved accuracy but the amount fun that translates from wanting to do things in a real car that I just don't have the means to do!

In short ~ Are FFB Wheels really worth it?


EVERY [email protected]#% PENNY!

opoikl1175d ago

Replays have become 10 times smoother with my Thrustmaster steering wheel, so absolutely! It's actually really easy to see if I used a DS4 or the steering wheel.

In driveclub for example you can feel the slightest change in traction when going over different surfaces thanks to the force feedback. Crossing bridges especially feels brilliant.

ATi_Elite1175d ago

Can't afford an Indy car? Well my friend the next best thing is force feedback on a complete hydraulic set up.

spaceg0st1175d ago

i'm totally interested in picking one up, i just fear it'd be an expensive gamble if i was wrong. $300-400 for a solid ps4 steering wheel and pedals is a whole lot of money. plus any additional items like a seat or steering wheel setup mechanism... holding off to play driveclub and project cars until later when hopefully the prices come down on the steering wheels.

opoikl1175d ago

I took a gamble and bought the Thrustmaster T500RS on a sale right before the PS4 launched, hoping that it would be supported. Luckily it did and boy is it an enhancement over a standard gamepad (and the DF:GT for that matter). Once you go for a wheel, you'll never want to turn back, that's a fact!

I hope you can save up enough or find a great deal somewhere because it is definitely worth every penny...

Dee_911175d ago

Yea im waiting for gt7 before i get a wheel for next gen. I currently have a dont really need a extravagant set. Just a computer desk and a chair.I cant go back to racing with a controller with sims at least.

OrangePowerz1175d ago

Depends how much you play racing games and sim racers. It is t get e closest thing to actual racing without actually racing or without spending an insane amount of money on hydraulic racing sim rigs. :)

Jdoki1175d ago (Edited 1175d ago )

If you're really into sim or sim/arcade games then a wheel is a brilliant device and totally worth the money. As a long term purchase that is cross gen then I have to question worth.

Considering how Logitech are not releasing next-gen drivers for the older G27 wheel then yeah, it's a gamble buying a wheel if you intend to keep it for a long time.

Other manufacturers have got their older wheels working with the PS4 so it seems Logitech are intentionally keeping G27 owners in the cold to maximise G29 sales. It is especially galling as Logitech have implied that the G29 uses the same internals as the G27.

I love using force feedback wheels, but there's little reason that manufacturers couldn't add the hardware to make one wheel work on XB1, PS4 and PC. It's also BS that Logitech are creating unnecessary obsolescence - I don't buy their BS Logitechs excuse that it's Sony's fault they can't add support to the G27 - other manufacturers have done it.


OrangePowerz1175d ago

I find it worse that the G29 still doesn't use a belt system and they still stick to the inferior gear system.

Smootherkuzz1175d ago

Great for both systems! Price can be a deal breaker. Racing sim systems do become outdated on consoles. Can't beat the fun.

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