Watch The Battle Of Helm's Deep Recreated In Skyrim

ASidCast: "The Battle of Helm's Deep is easily one of the most memorable battles in the Lord of the Rings trilogy and now modders have recreated the battle with the original music in a game that's almost half a decade old, i.e. Skyrim. The creators did take their liberties though since Sauron was never really present in the battle nor was a Balrog there to rain fire on the good people of Middle Earth."

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barb_wire1265d ago

That's a nice vid/mod - err, don't remember Sauron turning up at Helm's Deep though..

Also, damn pity they're weren't that many soldiers in Skyrim (especially on consoles) that "Battle" of Whiterun in the main story.. yeah, myself and roughly 20 other generic soldiers does not make an army.