Prices discounted for several Vita fighting games

Several Vita fighting games have been discounted, including Dead or Alive 5 Plus (42% off to $23.33), PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale (69% off to $12.48) and Street Fighter X Tekken (48% off to $20.99).

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IamTylerDurden11325d ago

Some ok deals, but i love the fact that if you preorder, Galak-Z and Everbody's Gone to the Rapture are both 20% off and if you get them both together you get an extra 10% off on a total cart, plus each comes w/a free theme. The Rapture theme is dynamic and spectacularly amazing.

The summer sale is going on as well, last week i got Bastion (PS4) for under 4$, and this week i got Slender on PS4 for 4$ for my gf. The Old Blood was 9.99 last week and i got an awesome dynamic Transistor theme (PS4) for 1$.

Also, idk if it is anymore but Farcry 4 was 20$ brand new at best buy. Crazy.