Directions for Scrubbing Your Information From Your PlayStation 4, WII U And Xbox One Gaming Console

Should you be inclined to sell your PS 4, Wii U, or Xbox One system, Skewed and Reviewed have posted a how to guide on the best ways to remove your personal data and content before sending your system to its new home. For PlayStation 4 and Xbox One fans, the online abilities of the systems can leave tons of your personal data on the system and this is a handy way to protect your private information.

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Ripsta7th1201d ago

How the hell doesnt know how to clear their system -_-

Garethvk1201d ago

There are several people hence why we get reports all the time about people buying a system for their kids and it has Porn and other stuff on it they di not intend to leave on it.

jmc88881201d ago

Lots of people have never wiped or sold their systems.

So yeah, I bet TONS of people.

Even those that think they would have an idea or could 'figure it out', would probably like to make sure... after all these days it just holds many people's personal information and credit card info.

I bet there are times when someone sold a system, only to find credit card charges not too long afterwards because they forgot to clear it.

Garethvk1201d ago

Very well said, Credit Card data is a hue issue and for some it could have movies your rented or streamed, as well as shopping patterns, music, and more. You never know what could be of use to someone with less than nest intentions.

spacedelete1201d ago

if i had a brought a console with someone's credit card details you damn right i would rinse all of the money in that account. i'm awesome like that.

Garethvk1201d ago

That an identity theft would be a huge issue as well. What about developers with Alpha and Beta of games still on them.