5 Best Xbox One Headsets

If you think that a good headset is excellent to chat with your teammates, set some strategies and enjoy the deep sound, you are wrong. The best Xbox One headsets go way farther than that. Practically, they come with the ultimate immersion and precision in the sound quality. Pay attention to approaching footsteps before actually seeing the opponent, listen to deep details that can influence your strategies and enjoy the clarity of a top-notch connectivity without having to shout.

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Black0ut1199d ago

I've been using the XO Four's for a while now. They've been quite good and the clarity is pretty brilliant - all at a really nice price to boot.

Might need to upgrade soon so this piece has been quite useful =)

takohma1199d ago

I have the XO fours also. I do love them. But i want to upgrade but i feel bad because theres nothing wrong with them lol.

steve30x1199d ago

I had the PDP Afterglow headset and it wasn't good at all. The sound was ok and it was very uncomfortable.

n4rc1199d ago

find it odd the choices listed.. but anyways..

have the turtle beach 500x.. fully wireless, DTS 7.1.. light, comfortable, sound good with great battery life..

albeit a little expensive... lol

steve30x1198d ago

I got the Turtle beach Z60 7.1 headset and I am very impressed with the virtual 7.1 from the headset. It simulates 7.1 very well. Its still not as good surround as my Logitech Z906 5.1 speakers but you can tell the position of everything with the headset.