How Gaming Will Help Land Your Dream Job

Here are 5 reasons why gaming will help you succeed in the workplace and why employers should place more value on gaming experience

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Shillmeister1178d ago

All good points, and interesting takes on each as to how they could be utilised for landing a job. Nice piece :)

Would like to see a 'How to get a job in the games industry' piece. (From personal experience), I'd imaging it'd be a bit more harsh and go something like; Determination, Self-Sacrifice, Ability, Industry Connections, Perseverance!

MrsNesbitt1178d ago

Excellent points here :) about time employers recognise the benefits of gaming. Great article

XxNxWxOxX1178d ago

Very good points here, gaming has many benefits that might not be immediately recognizable, but gaming helps in many ways people might not realize.

GetGamer_Danny1178d ago

Gaming is a special beast, there's a lot of good that can come from it. People just need to realize. And yes, this is coming from a person that used my time playing Eve Online on a resume as leadership experience. :D