How to Remove Your Destiny Ban in 5 Easy Steps

Work Revolt writes: "DeeJ. DeeJ. DeeJ. DeeJ. This is all. your. fault. Unban me. Unban all of us. I’ll get everyone back on with these tips."

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DJ-DK7861175d ago

How is this even allowed here?

STICKzophrenic1175d ago

Did you even watch the video?

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Tyrant 8 RDFL1175d ago

Bungie is doing a solid job so far. I have rarely encountered any lag switching since Friday.
Feels great joining crucible and not having to worry about cheaters.

Vitalogy1175d ago

You haven't been playing much then. Unfortunately they're still there and in great numbers as well -.-'

I didn't even bothered to play ToO this week and only leveled 2 characters to rank 4 in IB.

About an hour ago I was playing IB and I spotted a guy that is probably testing his new LS because I found him most of the times running into walls.

So, no, destiny isn't LS free and saddly will never be.

wakeNbake1175d ago

How do you get banned in Destiny lol.