The Skyrim Forgotten City Mod Promises To Be Spectacular

Skyrim Fansite writes: "The Skyrim Forgotten City mod is launching this October.

It’s no secret that mods are one of the things that makes Skyrim so endearing. Despite the game’s age, the modding community helps keep Skyrim relevant and fun to play.

Planned for an October 2015 launch, the Skyrim Forgotten City mod will make its debut on Steam and ModDB. The mod itself is more of a game expansion, taking players on an epic journey through a lost, thousand year old Dwarven city."

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Ashlen1178d ago (Edited 1178d ago )

I love modding. It's really the reason I look forward to Bethesda games so much. I only hope they stay free, but I would fully support integrated donations by Steam or any other source.

Grap1178d ago

donations is good, buying hell no.

titans99991178d ago

Keep modding free or GTFO!!!

Lamboomington1178d ago

I understand why people didn't like the paid mod system. I didn't either. To introduce it into a mod ecosystem like that of Skyrim was stupid. There are so many issues on so many levels.
To put MODS on the same level as Dota 2 workshop items - it didn't make any sense. The two are COMPLETELY different

That said, all of the people flat saying "Modding as a whole should never be paid" "It's a hobby, not to be paid" etc etc... are being stupid.
"It's only a hobby" is simply not a valid argument.

aLucidMind1178d ago

Most of the arguments against it boil down to "I'm entitled to free stuff!" in the end. Then they wonder why most of the mods out there are utter crap with just a couple that are any good. If you don't whine about Indie games not being free, then whining about a good mod not being free is simply hypocritical.

Ashlen1177d ago

Actually there are TONS and TONS of great mods, you insult the community more by saying that, than people who think the system which is and always has been free asking for it to stay the same.

aLucidMind1177d ago (Edited 1177d ago )

I'm not insulting the community, I'm criticizing their stance. There's a difference. Sure, there are a lot of great mods but there are very few in comparison to the number of crap ones. Paying for the good ones will result in more good mods.

It worked for 30+ years because there wasn't a system in place to make it possible for them to consistently get paid for their work. If a person doesn't want to pay someone for their work simply because "it should be free", then that person is a very selfish and naive individual. By their logic, all games should be free because they should be done solely for passion and money shouldn't be important. So yes, their argument is nothing but "I'm entitled to free stuff because I want free stuff." There isn't a single legitimate argument for mods to be free. Especially when it comes to the bigger ones that have a clear amount of time and effort placed into them.

Sure, swords and armors should be free. Added spells, should be cheap but not free (couple bucks maybe). Expansions and overhauls should be charging 10-20. "If you don't want to donate your time to the system, then don't". In other words, "if you won't give it to me for free, then don't do it at all". Demanding someone's effort be solely free because you want it to be free is self-entitlement. As much as I hate using that term because it gets thrown around way too much, that fits many people perfectly. If you believe that, stop gaming now. It might kill you to realize, but even the most passionate developers, corporate and indie, still work for money. Mods should be no different if they're quality mods.

Ashlen1177d ago

I'd like to point out that in the three way split system they used the smallest percent went to the actual modder.

And it's a system that's worked for 30+ years why change it now? If you don't want to donate your time to the system then don't.

SteamPowered1177d ago

I definitely have no problem donating for this type of expansion. Can't wait to see it for myself.

dcbronco1177d ago

I'd like to see these mods come to consoles too. I'd also like to see developer support for a mod community with dev assistance. They could find a lot of potential employees if they help cultivate the community. Maybe tier in additional tools for more complex users with potential.