Does eSports truly count as sports

In today's age of technology, we as a society either embrace or reject eSports. It's for this reason I feel eSports needs to get a good look into why exactly is it considered a sport.

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Sureshot1201d ago

"Sport" comes from the Old French desport meaning "leisure", with the oldest definition in English from around 1300 being "anything humans find amusing or entertaining".


breakpad1200d ago (Edited 1200d ago )

NO they dont count as sports matter how much i like games as a hobby..they have no relation at all with sports ..also whatever bs wikipedia writes because some ambiguous guys said it in the past , doesnt mean its a rule

pompombrum1200d ago

While I personally don't see the point in competitive gaming trying to legitimize itself as a sport but if things like chess can be considered a sport, why can't gaming?

AudioEppa1201d ago (Edited 1201d ago )


It's 2015, that's like asking if "streaming and YouTube is a real job"

Let's be honest there's always going to be certain individuals who will never change their mindset on how things use to be and are to blind to see everything evolving past them.

eSports can be just as exciting as any other sport from the past 100 years. Does everybody like the same sports? No, so I don't think eSports needs the approval of everybody to be considered a "real" sport.

I'm not watching NASCAR or Golf this weekend, I'm watching call of duty pro teams compete at gfinity.

scark921201d ago

Call it what you will, I would like to keep it out of the Olympics!

Eterna1Ice1200d ago

Most of eSports games are club-based, so there are multiple nationalities in teams, i'd guess that it would be too terrible to try to make national teams outside of Korea and China.

GrimmQuiorra1200d ago

Yeah, no. Don't care about technicalities. Esports is not a damn sport. Stop calling it that.

Trying to compare athletes who get up early in the morning to workout to someone who sits on their ass while performing this supposed "Sport" is absurd.

But hey, if it makes you feel better.

fattyuk1200d ago

sorry but coming from the uk, snooker and and darts are sports - "pub sports"

there still sports.

oh and what abot professional chesss???

GrimmQuiorra1200d ago

Not from the UK so I do not care what you call your games over there.

Professional chess is exactly that. Professional chess.

fattyuk1199d ago

"Professional chess is exactly that. Professional chess."

and what training do they do? marathons? 5 hours a day in gym?

reading all your posts i gather you dont care.... so why post??

ninsigma1200d ago

Well racing is a sport. You're basically just sitting there (concentrating) making movements to control the machine to make it do what you want in a competitive manner. Sounds a bit like gaming to me.

And no one cares that you're not from the UK. What has that to with something being a sport?? Snooker and darts ARE sports. You don't have to be from the UK to realise that.

GrimmQuiorra1200d ago

As I said, you can come up with all the technicalities you want. I do not care.

It has nothing to do with something being a sport. Someone mentioned being from the UK and the sports they have there. If you want to read into what I said then be my guest. I just don't care about what other countries decide to call sports. So, exactly what I said.

Good day.

ninsigma1199d ago

Except snooker and darts are both worldwide sports, so there goes that argument.

GrimmQuiorra1199d ago (Edited 1199d ago )

There seems to be something about the phrase "I don't care" that's difficult to comprehend.

Oh well.

ninsigma1199d ago

Oh no, I comprehend alright. But what you're not getting is that whether you care or not, they're sports. You said you don't care what other countries call sports, suggesting if only one country see something as a sport then it can't be concidered a sport (fair enough) but the fact they're world wide (meaning all or the majority of countries consider them sports), just shows that just because YOU don't see something as a sport, the rest of the world disagree.

GrimmQuiorra1199d ago

Never implied any of that. Ever. All I said was that I don't care.

fattyuk1199d ago

are you a teenager?

and thats what teenagers say " i dont care i dont care blah blah blah"

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Batnut001200d ago

No, but does it really matter? People are watching and enjoying anyway and it's only growing so people shouldn't give a damn wither or not it can be called a "sport"

fattyuk1200d ago

im far from a die hard e sport fan

but recently watching cs:Go can be pretty fun!¬

Batnut001200d ago

That's great,I'm not saying it can't be fun, I'm just saying why are we getting all up in a tizzy about wither or not it's actually a sport? It just doesn't really matter in the long run. You're still going to have fun watching, so is everyone else. Doesn't really matter what people want to classify it as.

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