Jumping From Consoles to PC - Not as Scary as You Think

"The gaming scene of today is utterly massive in every way, shape and form. Millions of people around the world at some point interact with games. Whether it be by tackling a JPRG on the train ride home, locking themselves in a dark room for a few hours of survival horror, or immersing themselves in a marathon of online gameplay. Yes, we gamers come in all different shapes and sizes. -- Gaming Enthusiast

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LaWiiG1178d ago

I have been playing PC solid for about 4 years. It was all YouTube videos and small bits of learning. Anyone can do it.

PC_601178d ago

same I was a console only PS3 gamer until 2012 where I bought a gaming laptop and then a month later a pre built gaming PC for good value and now I have a high end rig and play most games in 4K on my 4K monitor and 1440p for a few demanding games like witcher 3

LaWiiG1178d ago

I bought most of my stuff on cyber Monday. Picked up RAM, gift cards for random things. I don't have a high end PC, but most things I can play on high settings.

What you rocking for a video card?

freshslicepizza1178d ago

there is really no reason to be reluctant to play games on the pc.

BattleAxe1177d ago

I was console only from the early 80's, but in 2009 I decided to try PC gaming, and I have never regretted the move. I still love my PS3, and I'm really excited to take advantage of the new Windows 10 features with my XBOX One.

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Somebody1178d ago

I have been playing PC games since 2001 and started building my own PC several years later. My main source of information were the PC magazines(remember those?) that were in sheer abundance back then.

I don't build PCs on a regular basis so just imagine the amount of time and money spent on magazines whenever I decided to do an upgrade. One time I spent over six months just catching up on the latest CPU and motherboard tech. Nowadays I can easily keep track of the latest tech with the internet so when I decided to do a new upgrade or build I wouldn't have much to catch up with.

nowitzki20041178d ago

Built my first rig this year.. Newegg video on YouTube showed me how easy it was.

IndieMonth1178d ago

I didn't know there was a fear factor involved. I find going from PC to console and vice versa to be equal in "scariness". Just a matter of some pros and cons on both sides.

uth111178d ago

It's more time consideration for many people than fear I think. They have better things to do than assemble a PC, and then upgrade it whenever they get a new game that performs subpar. It's just like most people could change their own oil but they won't.

But then there are many people too technically inept to work on PCs too

slappy5081178d ago

I built my first gaming PC at the beginning of this year, and I couldn't have done it without youtube

HaveAsandwich1178d ago

Going the other way is FAR more scary. Have you tried playing BF4 with a controller? Wtf.

nowitzki20041178d ago

I have been a console gamer most of my life, hated M/K... This year I switched to PC. Ended up buying Hardline for my PS4 because of friends and now I wish I could use my M/K on my PS4.

OhMyGandhi1178d ago

I've done a fair bit of both, and while PC gaming has some HUGE benefits, like higher resolutions, maxed out settings, and smoother frame-rates, as I've learned recently, sometimes the pure convenience of putting a disc in your PS4 and it just -working- without any extra configuration can feel magical.

s45gr321178d ago

Forgot the free online and is just plug and play on PC nowadays.

nowitzki20041178d ago

Well Nvidia has 1 click optimization.

I actually like setting up a game myself, not that hard or time consuming. And its not like you have to do it every time you play.

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LaWiiG1177d ago

Yeah, the notification for. Ew optimization a that become available is nice.

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