How Tearaway Unfolded’s Companion App Sold Me On The Game

MVGN writes "I must admit, I was never sold on Tearaway. Even though the game received stellar reviews on the PS Vita and early play sessions for the PS4 title have been all positive, the game never really caught my attention. It’s weird because Tearaway seems to be a game that I would be drawn to because it just oozes with style and seems like a title that I would want to play. Alas my friends, I have never played the game nor did I plan on playing it until now. I just got done watching the new Tearaway Companion App trailer and I must admit, I am impressed. Being a father of 5, I am always looking for new and interesting games for the family and this one seems like it’s going to fit the bill perfectly. The thought of my son or daughter walking through the games world while I draw new and interesting things on my tablet and then sharing them while they play is mind blowing.:

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spacedelete1269d ago

good for you no one cares.

freshslicepizza1269d ago

lol, i do. little big planet was fun but this looks much better

Blastoise1269d ago

Don't be a jerk. It's just a guy sharing his views

IamTylerDurden11269d ago (Edited 1269d ago )

I care and my gf certainly cares, many of my friends care, so ur wrong.

Platinumed Tearaway on Vita and i can't wait to platinum Tearaway Unfolded with all the unique features/campanion app it'll be a blast for my gf and i to play together. Plus Tearaway Unfolded has 50% more content than the Vita version, essentially a whole 1/2 a game was added to the already existing game.

If you preorder Tearaway Unfolded you will get upgraded to the Crafted edition which comes with a bunch of goodies. September 8th.

@ spacedelete

1st off it's not bs, they added a ton of new content and i have actually played some of it, it's real, sowwy : (

2nd it was upped to 1080p AND 60 frames/second. Texture work was done and lighting was tweaked as well.

3rd if u ever actually played Tearaway u'd know that it used the Vita's features brilliantly and NOT in a gimmicky way.

4th the controls were entirely reworked to utilize the unique features of the DUALSHOCK 4 and PS4. U couldn't be more wrong.

Hooray games!

spacedelete1269d ago

50% more content ? thats PR talk. all they did was remove the PS Vita gimmicks and raised the resolution to 1080p.

RosweeSon1269d ago

Your loss, tearaway was and still is one of the best games on vita, shame they won't be getting it but Vita's loss is PS4's gain, great game and this looks to be even better.

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bouzebbal1269d ago

Snap this magic title is soon out! Thanks for the reminder i cannot wait for it.

IamTylerDurden11269d ago

Can't wait for Tearaway Unfolded September 8th, i love the unique uses of the DUALSHOCK 4, blowing gusts of wind into the world w/the touchpad, trapping enemies inside the controller, shaking the controller and spitting them out via touchpad to see the enemies are extremely dizzy and discombobulated.

GALAK-Z, Rapture, Until Dawn, Soma, MGSV/Mad Max, and Tearaway Unfolded are all on my imminent to get list, sorry Wallet. GALAK-Z, Rapture, & Tearaway Unfolded are already payed for.

Iluvtrim1269d ago

Damn right. A game for losers

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