Funding Kickstarters Is A Gamble, So Stop Making Bad Bets


We’ve seen a number of well-run campaigns, and it’s important to note that Kickstarter as a funding concept isn’t bad. It isn’t the wrong way to approach things, and it certainly shouldn’t be dismissed outright.

Unfortunately, Kickstarter has become a crutch for some and an idea factory for too many. Those that have working game prototypes, thorough contingency plans, and a realistic grasp of what stretch goals mean for inherent risk in a project are often buried in an avalanche of detritus.

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Xavior_Reigns1174d ago


Hmm I wonder...

Nah kickstarters are a gamble, just got to choose correctly. A single person or group can make it happen.

nowitzki20041174d ago

People can do what they want with their money.

Tonykid1174d ago

A kickstarter game is a glorified pre-order once the funding goal has been reached. Other than that you're just filling up some guy's paycheck to make the game. it's not an investment like some people call it because all you're getting is a game and maybe some toy/book/"peorder bonus like thing".

DevilOgreFish1174d ago

The indie community needs funding and gamers want games. it's win win.

SilentNegotiator1174d ago (Edited 1174d ago )

I rarely feel bad for "victims" of failed Kickstarter projects because they usually have glaring signs that they don't have much chance of success.

Like when that A-hole made his own boardgame and filled it with copyright characters like Cthulhu and clearly didn't acquire the rights. Or when game developers beg for money with little to no gameplay to show off, which might demonstrate basic competency.

Be smart. Ask yourself these 3 questions:
(1) Has this person demonstrated a capacity to create this project?
(2) Is the project realistic for the number of people behind it?
(3) Are they asking for the appropriate amount of funds to finish it?