Xbox One Exclusive Quantum Break: Sam Lake Getting Ready for Gamescom; Remedy Asks For Questions

Quantum Break’s team is getting ready for the game’s Gamescom showing and Creative Director Sam Lake is quite excited, to the point of having butterflies in his stomach. In the meanwhile, the team is asking for questions to be answered at Gamescom.

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christocolus2867d ago

Man. It will soon be time. 4days to MS conference. I wonder,which of these games (QB, SB and CD) will steal the show? My money is on SB and QB both taking 1st place Crackdown(2nd) will be a very close runner up. Halo5 and TR will come in 3rd and 4th respectively. Lol. Can't wait to see Sam lake up on stage.

AngelicIceDiamond2867d ago

I'm seeing a 7 to maybe 10 minute vid for this game at Gamescom. 3, 4 min vid on crackdown and 3 min vid for Scalebound. If paced out nicely.

@Chris Don't get me wrong I'm finally excited MS is giving us new Ip's they been announcing them strong lately. But, I feel they're announcing maybe 1 too many.

We won't here anything about Recore or Sea Of Thieves at Gamescom so I feel like they're pushing it aside for yet more new ip's at Gamescom.

Its like "announce a game, push it a side." Announce another game, push it aside." Announce yet another, push it aside etc, etc.

I understand MS is hungry. And I love hungry MS but a game like Phantom Dust, which is my favorite game of all time is currently on hold. And Who knows more games could get delayed or pushed back or worst case scenario cancelled because MS is managing so many. still have no release dates for Crackdown, QB yet.

I think MS needs to slow down just a bit here. I get it Phil's tired of people saying they have no new Ip's but Phil needs to slow down a bit.

What do you think?

christocolus2867d ago

“I understand MS is hungry. And I love hungry MS but a game like Phantom Dust, which is my favorite game of all time is currently on hold.”

Lol. Agreed. That bummed be out too but I'm sure it will be released someday. Let's keep the hope alive.about having too many ips i honestly do not see that as a problem, MS just needs to learn to spread them out. There is this interview Phil had with Polygon after he became head of xbox, He was asked if we would have game droughts(lack of new ips) like the ones we had a few years into the xbx 360 cycle and he said his plan was to make sure the xbox one had a steady stream of games every year (all spread out across the year) and if you look at what they've done so far,its all about 2015/2016. We have no idea what games will be coming beyond 2016. Scalebound, Crackdown, Recore, Sea of thieves! QB, Halo5, forza6, Fable legends, Gears4..etc all these are 2015/16 titles. I believe E3 next year we will get more announcements and hear more about their plans for 2016/2017. I think its better that makes no sense announcing games coming out in another 4 years. I like their strategy. Don't worry bro,nothing is being pushed aside.I think MS has a road map they're working with. The more the merrier. Let's see how gamescom pans out.

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GMR_PR2867d ago

Are they gonna stream the show? Anyone knows?

gangsta_red2867d ago

I don't think they need to slow down but I do think they need to start showing the games they promised back at the first E3 like Phantom Dust as you said.

A game like that shouldn't be put on hold but given to the original creative producer like they said they would. (If i read correctly)

Not to mention how many times have they teased Battletoads since the launch of the X1? Way too many times. I'm glad Rare Replay has Battletoads NES/Arcade but I want a brand new Battletoads game.

In order for the X1 to gain momentum or even be considered in the sales war is by offering more games. If you ask me I think MS should be trying to get as many games on their system as possible.

jb2272866d ago

Did they specifically say they pushed Recore & SoT out in order to make room for more new ip announcements? All I've read is that MS have some surprises, but that could be Win10/OS features and not necessarily new games & ips. I don't see MS announcing many, if any new games before the years out....maybe twisted pixels title but even that I doubt. I guess we will see in less than a week. Gonna be a great show regardless of whether we see any new games at MS' presser, seeing long awaited gameplay is enough for me personally.

AngeliclceDiamond2865d ago

Phantom dust needs to stay on indefinite hold. its a clone copy of infamous. You're favorite game of all time is a ripoff. why am i not surprised? it is Microsoft of course. buying things out without originality and copying things since 2000. go play infamous for a better experience then some clone game.

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ScorpiusX2867d ago

Sweet can't wait to see & play when released.

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Genuine-User2867d ago

I'm excited to see more of Quantum Break. Hopefully there's a surprise or two.

WeAreLegion2867d ago

Super excited for a new Remedy game. I know very little about QB and I want to keep it that way. I just want to play it now.

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