Tweak Batman Arkham Knight for Better Performance

Earlier today TechJeep published an article regarding the controversy that surrounds the PC version of Batman Arkham Knight and how the game performs on rigs that are powerful enough to handle the game. Do keep in mind that the sales are still suspended on Steam and the game is most likely to come back on PC in September.

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megatron007331201d ago

The solution to my problem

OhMyGandhi1201d ago

I coincidentally had the day off when Arkham Knight came out. I had insane issues. Rain clipping through interiors, distorted faces, slideshow of a framerate, and the waitress in the beginning having polygons jut out of her head like some sad, second-rate pyramid head. Spent way more hours trying to get the game to run. Went out and bought a new graphics card, the game ran MUCH better. Beat the game.
...And truly, honestly, regret wasting my day off trying to practically reverse engineer a piss poor port just to enjoy what ended up being an entirely average game with above average voice acting, and some snazzy visual effects.