Driveclub: Ferrari FXXK at Nakasendo gameplay

Team VVV writes: "Following on from our recent Ferrari FXXK vs McLaren P1 GTR DriveClub comparison video, we have a no comment run which once again features the Ferrari FXXK.

The video consists of four different cameras including bonnet cam, chase cam, the replay footage and finally there's an “vintage Team VVV” style over-the-shoulder view of Alan as he does his best to tame the beastly Ferrari at the Nakasendo course."

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MK24ever1177d ago

This is probably the best sounding car on Driveclub yet, and that is saying something, going behind this car with the front bumper camera and listening the car shifting down a gear gives me goose bumps, and using the Pulse headsets or a good subwoofer gives that extra punch to it, it's almost scary.

IamTylerDurden11177d ago

Agreed, the Pulse Elites can really make a huge difference. U can change the engine volume, music volume, crowd population/volume ect in settings. Some ppl never realize that and complain the engines are too quiet and that Driveclub has no music while racing.

Kurisu1177d ago

Haven't got to play DriveClub much lately as I've been busy playing other games, but this is a game that I'll always keep installed as it's always fun to go back to.

Aceman181177d ago (Edited 1177d ago )

That car is bloody scary to use lol

IamTylerDurden11177d ago

Sounds so nice, can't wait to try the Horsepower pack, the best season pass i have ever bought in my life. I love Driveclub. Hell On Wheelz <--- my team.

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