Guerrilla Games Will Show Horizon: Zero Dawn’s E3 Demo to Public at Gamescom; More Showings to Come

Lately we heard that we’re going to get more info on Horizon: Zero Dawn at Gamescom, but apparently Guerrilla Game is actually going to show off the E3 demo live to the public at the show, but unfortunately it won't be livestreamed. That said, more chances are being planned.

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Rimeskeem1264d ago

For having no press conference Sony sure are showing a lot of stuff

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_-EDMIX-_1264d ago

annnnnnnnnnnnnd just made my day.

Repjaws1264d ago (Edited 1264d ago )

So wait is it gonna be like a hands on demo or like an extensive look at the demo but hands off?

Abriael1264d ago

Hands off, devs are gonna play it.

Repjaws1264d ago

That kinda sucks,some hands on previews of the demo we saw at E3 would be great.

gangsta_red1264d ago

Let's hope they announce some co-op gameplay!

Rimeskeem1264d ago

Maybe through online but there is no way they keep those visuals through splitscreen

Aloy-Boyfriend1264d ago

No Co-op or online. It's single player with some social elements.

fallacious1264d ago

please no. just be purely single player. there are already more than enough games with coop or multiplayer, we dont need another one especially for a game like this.

gangsta_red1264d ago

Especially for a game like this. I don't know of any other open world games where you hunt huge dinosaur robots.

IMO, this game would be fantastic with a tribe/co-op element.

IamTylerDurden11264d ago

I agree, i don't want pvp or an mmo, we have ARK, Destiny, The Division, ESO, FFXIV, Battleborn ect. Give me a Fallout type experience but with stunning visuals and incredible combat.

Thatguy-3101264d ago

Well when the rumours of the game surface it did mention there beign coop. Let's wait and see how things play out. Crazy how everyone is hyped for it. It's having the same impact to when The Last of Us was unveiled. Let's hope it executes it the same when.

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Shazz1264d ago

nice , rip rowdy roddy piper hes just died.sorry not gaming news

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