4 Reasons Why I Can’t Wait for Until Dawn

PS4Home: "Thanks to the scary atmosphere, top-notch voice acting, endless replayability and a return to survival-horror roots, I’m looking forward to staying up all night once again."

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robtion1200d ago

Agree, the game looks like it is going to be great. Lots of potential. Wish it was out sooner/now.

Shazz1199d ago

yeah im pumped for this

IamTylerDurden11199d ago (Edited 1199d ago )

What intrigues me about Until Dawn is the butterfly effect, literally thousands of different outcomes and every choice, every mistake, and every moment of gameplay affects the outcome. Everything u do builds upon itself in a dynamically forming story, it's remarkable, in some aspects it reminds me of the nemesis system. Think Twd, but on a macro scale. Everyone can live, everyone can die, and a thousand things in between, awesome.

robtion1199d ago

Definitely sounds promising. Look forward to trying it out for myself.

Kurisu1199d ago

I wasn't going to get this game at launch, but I've changed my mind. I have points / trade in value to cover the cost of the game, and I think I'll have quite a few playthroughs with the different decisions / outcomes that can be made.

IamTylerDurden11199d ago (Edited 1199d ago )

The replayability is nearly limitless, you will get so many unique playthroughs out of Until Dawn. I honestly would suggest playing a minimum of 3 full playthroughs, the 1st being what you would naturally choose, the 2nd choosing 1 extreme, and the 3rd choosing the other. That is the minimum you should do.

Theoretically you could playthrough a thousand times and get a different conclusion each time. Fun game to stream.

Galak-Z comes out on Tuesday, excited about playing that on PS4 also.

jb2271199d ago

The devs actually recommended 9 full playthroughs to get the full experience, you could do many more and have them all vary, but they said it'd take 9 to see the major aspects of each branching path

IamTylerDurden11199d ago

@ jb227

I was saying 3 would be a minimalist approach, but yes i agree that 9 playthroughs should be standard. There are 8 characters so it makes sense. If u preorder u get a bonus chapter w/2 additional characters.

alex1015941199d ago

Reserved, definitely day one. Looks phenomenal, plus my baby Hayden is in it :)

robtion1199d ago

Yeah, I may be a little traumatised if I accidentally get her killed.

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