The Last Guardian E3 2015 Demo Was Completed On PS3 In 2010, New Engine Created For PS4 And More

Fumito Ueda is the creator of The Last Guardian and he recently was interviewed by the Japanese press for The Last Guardian and its reveal at E3 2015. Ueda-san gave some rather interesting answers regarding the development of the game and its future.

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rainzor1173d ago

No wonder why it looked last gen.

_-EDMIX-_1173d ago

I mean....reading, can you do it?

" Apparently the demo that was seen at E3 2015 was already completed on the PS3 by July 2010, but once they shifted their focus to PS4, they ported the demo to the new hardware and showed it at E3 2015. They also had to create a new engine for the game on the PS4"

I think it was already known that most of this title was likely done on PS3 then moved to PS4 on a new engine, just like FFXV was moved from last gen, to next gen and ported on a new engine.

OOMagnum1173d ago (Edited 1173d ago )

Comprehend can you do it.

Kalebninja1173d ago

Im pretty sure XV was not ported it was restarted on a new engine. btw why refer to ps3 as last gen yet refer to ps4 as next gen.

_-EDMIX-_1173d ago

@Kale- FF Versus's assets where brought over to a new engine for FFXV. I state ported only as brought over, the engine is new yes, but many assets where brought over to a new engine, it wasn't made from the ground up twice I would say.

Porting was just a choice of words for lack of a word for transfer lol.

I'm just stating last gen as the one prior and next gen as the one after is all.

Current if you feel just, but I guess you still know what i mean.

RocketScienceLvlStuf1173d ago

All the xbone trolls in this article sicken me. It's funny how they are the only ones who are complaining.


Everybody knows this was started on PS3. I for one loved the gameplay demo and the animations particularly trico were stellar.

medman1173d ago (Edited 1173d ago )

Sigh....poor rainzor...yet another mindless drone who knows less than nothing about development chiming in to add his two cents that are worth far less than even that small pittance. SMH. You would laugh at these people, but they're just too pathetic to even get that out of you.

Software_Lover1173d ago

...... So the people that said it looked the same as the PS3 reveal were right?

Satyre281173d ago

I mean the game just graphically did not look that impressive.

Rimeskeem1173d ago

texture wise i agree but ive never seen such good feathering

ninsigma1173d ago

Well I mean, did you expect them to re do all their assets to move to PS4?? We could see straight off it looked much the same as before. But it still looked great. It's not trying to be tomb raider or uncharted level graphics. It looks just fine.

Software_Lover1173d ago


I agree, texture wise not so great, but the feathers in the wind were impressive.

_-EDMIX-_1173d ago

...I see no one actually reads the articles on N4G....sad.

FoxyGotGame1173d ago (Edited 1173d ago )


'...... So the people that said it looked the same as the PS3 reveal were right?'

That's (slightly) a flame bait question, as you know what people are like here ...but I'll play along. I like some of your comments.

It did look very similar to the old PS3 build, but a Man of your intelligence should be able to ascertain the exact Physics & Textures shown at E3 2015 would not be possible on PS3.

The Last Guardian is not intended to be huge Big Budget title. If Sony or any other high profile 3rd Party/Publisher wasn't involved, TLG would simply be an exceptional PSN indie title. So why it's being treated by naysayers (not accusing you) as if it's in the same league as something like Halo 5 or Uncharted 4 is beyond me /


Edit: Okay dude ..I can Agree on that ;)

Software_Lover1173d ago

It's a nice looking game. I will buy it.

Personally, I wasn't impressed with the majority of what was shown, but I understand the developer as I had other games on PS2.

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dkp231173d ago

I think the excitement was that they had footage of the game and how it looked or played didn't really matter. It was ignored but when I saw it, it wasn't very impressive. Again Sony at e3 played the nostalgia card due to lack of other 1st party games this year. They admitted themselves 1st party was lacking in 2015. Step back and think about the two exciting games. Tlg that was announced 5 years ago s d thought to be in development hell and a remake of a 20 year old game and you know how slow square Enix is.

ninsigma1173d ago

We can't be nostalgic for something we haven't played. Everyone was excited to finally see it again because it's confirmation that it's not dead.

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