Watch The Order: 1886 Like You’ve Never Seen it Before, The Witness and More in Siggraph Trailers

have seen The Order: 1886 in its default incarnation. Maybe you’ve even explored its world with the photo mode, but if you want to see it in motion with a completely different camera, exposing the changing lighting that gives its cinematics their atmospheric look, you’d have to get access to the developer-only debug mode.

That’s exactly what’s shown in one of the trailer from Siggraph 2015, the technical conference for developers that will be held between August 9th and August 13th in Los Angeles. You also get to see The Witness and the "Making your own game controller" results.

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gangsta_red1271d ago

Is this really game related...I mean it shows games I know but it seems more like a tech type of story and a commercial than actual gaming news.

Abriael1271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

It's footage of games that hasn't been shown before. Can't be more related to gaming than this.

kowan1270d ago

Yes it is. Games are tech. How can there be any games if there weren't any tech powering them?

PockyKing1271d ago

Overhyping the title a bit? There's literally 30 seconds of The Order: 1886 footage showing off a different camera angle..

Abriael1271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

You seem to be missing the point. It shows how the lighting is changed dynamically during cutscenes in order to make them look more impactful and cinematic.

Which is something that has never been shown before, hidden by the fixed camera angle.

Pandamobile1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

"It shows how the lighting is changed dynamically"

Uh, this is how pretty much every in-engine cinematic is constructed. There's nothing "dynamic" about this. As soon as the camera cuts, it triggers the lights to move position to another artist-defined location.

Now a system that could actually create dynamic cinematic lighting in a game engine based on the positioning and direction of the camera and actors... that would be somewhat revolutionary.

AndrewLB1270d ago


There's nothing revolutionary going on there. Games have used techniques like this for years. Footage like that isn't typically shown to the public but this is Siggraph. That convention is all about the inner workings of graphics technology.

The most impressive part of that video was the Auckland Face Simulator and Baby X. Both are done on super computers and are about as close to true artificial intelligence as anything you've seen before.

Pandamobile1269d ago

Looks like pretty much everyone missed the point that I was making there. Good work everyone!

paranoid19711270d ago

Wow, an article relating to The Order 1886 and the PS4 and it instantly attracts multiple known Xbox trolls to the comment section. Like moths to a flame.