How Microsoft Can Capitalise at Gamescom Due to Sony's Absence

With Sony's absence and its 2015 calender already filled up, Microsoft has a unique opportunity at Gamescom.

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Majin-vegeta1173d ago

Sony wont be absent they just won't be having a conference.Not surprised this is coming from GB *rolls eyes*.

aceitman1173d ago

They fail to realize that conferences are attended by media and a very small group of fans . Sony has 8 large booths while ms has 2 medium size booths . so will Sony capitalize from having 6 more booths than ms because that's open to the public.

Abash1173d ago

Just another PS4 vs. Xbox One console wars article

You'd think people would make peace with the way things are after hearing the PS4 has already sold 25 million units.

1173d ago
donthate1173d ago

The boots are indeed for the media to try out the stuff, but media tends to focus on reporting news. Trying out games already announced, likely tried at E3 already, is not news.

What is news, is what is presented at the conference!!!

MS has a conference at Gamescom and Sony do not.

uptownsoul1173d ago (Edited 1173d ago )

Yeah this article suggests Sony won't be at GameCom at all, and thus the theory behind the author's premise is flawed.

On a side note: I can't wait to see Horizon at Gamescom…That game is unbelievable.

shloobmm31173d ago

You fail to realize that the conference is where you get all the exposure. Sony doesn't benefit from PS owners playing games on a system they already own. It's worldwide viewed conferences and game announcements that matter. No conference means no new announcements also. They wouldn't want them to be overshadowed.

dcbronco1173d ago Show
uptownsoul1173d ago (Edited 1173d ago )


"All these years companies have spent millions preparing for some silly conference" -- Is that why Sony's spending millions preparing for 3 of those silly conferences (E3, TGS, Paris and possibly another PS Experience) this year...while Microsoft is only preparing for 2 (E3 & Gamescom)???

not to mention that at least 1 of the 2 bother to show up to all 3 big conferences and go to Paris and probably do another PS Experience. But your probably right, they're doing all this because they have absolutely nothing to show.

Army_of_Darkness1173d ago (Edited 1173d ago )


Did it ever cross your mind that Sony will be revealing gameplay for thier upcoming games at e3 with a little known streaming service called YouTube??... Just think about that concept for a minute ;-)

AndrewLB1173d ago


Sony has "shipped" 23 million. Stop exaggerating.

I don't understand why so many websites always make the claim that the numbers announced by Sony are always "sold through". All it takes is 5 minutes of research and anyone can discover that those numbers are nothing but sales estimates based on product orders.

Don't believe me? here... listen to Sony then: (fine print at the bottom)

Even so, nobody can deny the fact that PS4 sales are absolutely destroying the xbone. If I were to buy one of these consoles, it would definitely be a PS4.

"an eye for an eye, but Sonys still leading regardless of your rationalization."


You missed the point. Everyone knows Sony is dominating in console sales. So what's to gain by lying about sales numbers when there is no need to? All that does is make Sony fans look uninformed and petty, for lack of a better word. And it reinforces the stereotype of the typical rabid ps4 fanboy who isn't bothered with the facts.

miyamoto1172d ago

You see these so called journalists are the real promoters of this "console wars" yet they write articles blaming the gamers for it.

This is why gamers listen to gamers not these so called gaming media.

ABizzel11172d ago


So let me get this straight....Sony doesn't benefit from giving over 300,000 gamers hands on time with upcoming PS4 games for 2015 - early 2016, and having media outlets cover those games via live streams like Horizon is having, and press coverage that's always at these shows? And that new announcements for games don't happen on the show floor?

Let's not be stupid.

MS is having a conference, because they need to do everything they can to gain some EU market share, and it's a chance to show off their 2016 games since E3 focused on 2015. Also MS has no real presence at TGS nor a show of their own (like PSX) so this is their last big show for the year, before the focus on how to get the most sales they can for the holiday season and VGA / VGX.

Sony has no problem selling in EU and have over 70% market share in EU, 90% or more in some areas. They don't have to have a huge Gamescom conference, because they've already won EU. But they do have a HUGE show-floor presence so their fans (the majority of EU console gamers), can get plenty of hands on time with the PS4 upcoming games.

Plus they have Paris Games Week, which was relatively unknown once before, but after researching it is just as big as Gamescom and the 2nd largest gaming convention in the world with just under 300,000 guest attending last year. And this year they have Sony headlining it exclusively with CocaCola sponsoring it this year, so it's going to have a huge media backing this year.

And where do you think most people would rather go Cologne, Germany or Paris, France.

Just stop it.

Azzanation1172d ago

Considering media is the main reasons these consoles sell, its important. not everyone goes to these shows.

TheXgamerLive1172d ago (Edited 1172d ago )

NO, BC Microsoft/Xbox/Win10 has games and Sony will not.

I'm sure Sony will at least talk about games but without a conference it won't get the attention and MS has some huge grenades their throwing at gamescon

Listen, both Sony and MS are doing some great things and will continue to do. I'm not here to knock Sony but don't come into an Xbox pro article and as always try to beef up Sony and belittle MS. Its really gotten old. OK?

InSpectre1172d ago

Thanks aceitman! I went and looked at the Gamescom booths and you're right.

We always have to keep in mind that the media's stock-in-trade is controversy.

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VforVideogames1173d ago

Abash : the last 3mil PS4s where "shipped to retailers" not sold to consumers, Sony is doing what Microsoft was doing like " we sold 2.5mil xbox ones and 360s"

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snoopgg1173d ago

an eye for an eye, but Sonys still leading regardless of your rationalization.

SoapShoes1173d ago

And Microsoft's 1.4M(Read: 360 and X1 combined) in the same quarter were shipped to retailers also... Your point?

MysticStrummer1173d ago

It appears you're saying "shipped to retailers" is the same as combining numbers from different consoles...

That can't really be what you're saying, can it?

OT - New titles, and a good number of them, are a must if MS really wants to capitalize on Sony's lack of a press conference. Showing mostly the same stuff again won't cut it.

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SoapShoes1173d ago

Sooooo does that mean Sony can capitalize at TGS and Paris due to Sony's absence? Anything MS capitalizes on will be lost after two big showings from Sony. Not to mention PSX also...

extermin8or1173d ago

Not having a conference is not them being absent infact from the floor plans they appear to have the most booths/largest floor area. Also they will also have the limelight at TGS, Paris games show and then PlayStation experience a month later....

sigfredod1173d ago

Really misleading title, Sony absent,

CBforeva1173d ago

Gamingbolt... enough said. :)

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FallenAngel19841173d ago

Sony still has a bigger presence than Microsoft by having a lot more booths. This will keep their brand on the mind of the public that visits the event.

shloobmm31173d ago

yes the 250k people there but not the millions around the world where it matters most.

Aenea1173d ago

Ahh, so MS skipping the Tokyo Games Show is also because they have nothing new to show? And also, they won't be there at all, not even with booths as far as I can tell...

And what about Paris Games Week? A big press conference again from MS huh? Nope, don't think so, they probably have nothing new to show!

MysticStrummer1173d ago

It's just too bad nothing on the show floor will be covered by journalists in multiple articles and videos, which will then seen by millions around the world.

Oh yeah, that's right.

It will all be covered.

ABizzel11172d ago


Since when have games not been covered on the show floor at any of these conferences, and Sony are even doing live streams of some of their games.

Once again just stop it.

Kiwi661173d ago

But isn't having a conference seen by a potential audience of millions by streaming better than only being seen by a few hundred thousand people surely even you can see that

joeorc1173d ago

So I take it no post event pictures or videos will be shown of Sony's content from Gamescom than on the internet right?

Lmao, if you think that is going to not happen than I do not know what to tell you. Just because Sony is not up on a stage having a public event there at the show does not = not news being released about Sony's presence there.

If any thing hell more 3rd party companies could Infact release info for games that may be coming to the PS4!

There is 6 booth's there! You do not have that much area in a convention for just nothing!

Aenea1173d ago

Say you're right, then what about Tokyo Games Show and Paris Games Week, hmm? And is MS having their own show like PS Experience?

MysticStrummer1173d ago

Surely you don't really think the show floor stuff will only be seen by those in attendance, right?

kenshiro1001172d ago

Man you guys are trying way too hard.

Just stop it already. You're wrong. End of story.

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-Foxtrot1173d ago

What's Sony keeping the conference for. Paris Games Week or their own PS Experience.

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