Madden 16 - Top 5 Middle Linebackers Ratings Revealed

Madden NFL 16 has revealed the top 5 Middle Linebackers and their ratings for the game! Who made the cut and who failed to measure up?

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InTheZoneAC1173d ago (Edited 1173d ago )

If Sean Lee can have a 16 game season he'll be at the top of this list where he belongs, unless he was officially moved to OLB

TechRaptor1173d ago

Lee has always been a solid player, but like you said.. He just cant stay healthy. I do believe, from the last I heard at least that he was moving to OLB to reduce the wear and tear on his body.

Jason - TR

Kingdomcome2471173d ago

So much potential. As a cowboys fan it pains me to see his constant injuries. If Byron Jones can be solid as a rookie, Sean Lee can stay healthy, and once Greg Hardy comes back our defense could be great. Hopefully Demarcus Lawrence progresses too because all we lack is a good pass rush to take the pressure off of our secondary to be a good defense.