You can play Fallout 4 for 400 hours without seeing everything

Bethesda's lead producer Jeff Gardiner confirms that you can play Fallout 4 for 400 hours without seeing everything, in no small part thanks to the game's extensive crafting system.

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Xavior_Reigns1173d ago

Great, guess it's time to open shop in the wasteland.

AzubuEntus1173d ago

"You can play Fallout 4 for 400 hours without seeing everything"

Challenge accepted!

Ozmoses1172d ago

you'll see everything in the 401st hour. just give it time! :)

chrisco84au1172d ago

I can and I will :)

And I'll enjoy every one of those 400 hours.
Then enjoy the next 600+ hours.

Then I might start doing story missions :)

Oh I cannot wait, most anticipated game in years for me. The wastelands await.

ChrisW1172d ago

Just like 99.9% of gamers, I failed that challenge in Fallout 3. Mostly because there was no incentive.

Ezz20131172d ago (Edited 1172d ago )

400 hours ?!
No ...just no
i will only play it for 399 hours

I have a life,Bethesda.

BallsEye1172d ago

Wish I had time to play this kind of games :( they were my favos. I bought witcher on release day and played it only for 6 hours :(

xer01172d ago

I'm not sure I would want to play a game for that long. I normally lose interest, if I don't beat a game within 5 months.

And then, new titles come along that take, whatever time i have left. After working all day, I get to sit in front of the console for 3hrs at a time (at the most).

brave27heart1172d ago

If I walked around really slowly and read every conversation at the pace of a sloth I'm sure lots of games could last 400 hours.

I don't believe you can play at a normal pace and not do everything in 400 hours. I'm calling Destiny levels of bs on this one.

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Magicite1173d ago

This year has so many open-world games, its amazing.

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TacticAce1172d ago

"Everything" is a vague way to put it. Do they mean content? Or some trash can in the far reaches of the wasteland?

showtimefolks1172d ago

will play mgs 5, mad max and uncharted trilogy till fallout 4 Than its just fallout 4, sadly I will have to get just cause 3 too even if it's g just gonna sit in the backlog

fallout 4 will be epic

UKmilitia1172d ago

problem is that puts me off the game.

coulndt we just have 200 hours??
surely that many hours it has to be loads of fetch me ,carry me crap??

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Ashlen1173d ago

I can't wait #1 most wanted game BY FAR.

Brotard1173d ago

You people think you know better and know that its not his most wanted game of the year by far? so you disagree? I see, i guess he is lying then about this own personal opinion!

Porcelain_Chicken1172d ago

Maybe they just assumed he was speaking for humanity?!? :0 That's an easy mistake to make.

This is probably my most hyped game to date though, and this news only makes the wait even more excruciating!

KiwiViper851172d ago (Edited 1172d ago )

is it not ok to disagree with someone's opinion? it's not my most anticipated game, so i disagreed.

go look up the definition of disagree...

1172d ago
deathtok1172d ago (Edited 1172d ago )

Agree is to also say this is my #1 most wanted game too. Disagree is to say it's not my most wanted game.

Neither are really about questioning the OP's personal opinion.

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DarkOcelet1173d ago

This and MGSV will last me until 2017 confirmed!

generic-user-name1173d ago

Just one month left fellow Diamond Dog.

gangsta_red1173d ago

Didn't Bethesda also claim that Fallout 3 would have over 100 endings or something similar?

Anyways, don't care what they say about this game, will have it DAY ONE!

Irishguy951173d ago

They always make big claims that don't make it to the final game. Always

LightofDarkness1173d ago

Well it's different when they say it now, the game is actually finished, content wise, according to Pete Hines. If they claim that now with the game finished, it probably has some truth to it. They're only fixing bugs and polishing things from now to release.

Perjoss1173d ago

Can't agree with you there, whenever I've seen them showcase their games, Fallout 3 and Skyrim in particular they have been super honest and show off only the features that are ready. I think Skyrim had 1 live action trailer but apart from that everything they show is in engine. I think they are one of the most honest dev teams around considering how big they are too.

Irishguy951173d ago

Oh really perjoss? You must have missed the lies. Todd howard is famous for it. Even has a meme.

Oblivion was a huge one for it. One of their demoes of it featured straight up stuff that wasn't in the final game. Radiant Ai they called it.

Skyrim had alot too. Like the 'economy' system. Does it even exist?

garrettbobbyferguson1172d ago


You see that mountain? You can climb it.

pivotplease1172d ago

Yeah I never understood too well how radiant AI, the creation engine, or the supposed economy system work. I feel like they exist in some way or another but they are just archaic shadows of the concepts they propose. Hopefully we get something like that this time that feels more palpable during a play through.

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EazyC1173d ago

That was one of the most grandiose and cheap claims I've heard from anyone (the Todd Howard quote you're referring to). To equate a bunch of sentence combinations as '100 different endings' is hilariously untrue.

This is a pretty bold and direct claim though, even compared to that... 400 hours is insane no matter which way you cut it...unless they meant to say 400 minutes!

pivotplease1172d ago (Edited 1172d ago )

Not only that but all of the endings were pretty terrible in general. Not only were they all uninteresting but they were conveyed exclusively through goofy picture montages. As for the narration, I'm still on the war has changed side (MGSIV). Kind of strange that they ripped that line off and didn't even manage to deliver a nearly as epic speech.

N0TaB0T1172d ago

Well if you play it at a relaxed pace the estimated time would either be at 400 or float around 400...

1173d ago