Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain "Mother Base" Video Demo Release Window Revealed and More

According to JunkerHQ, the "Mother Base" video will be posted during Gamescom 2015. The video will show how big the base is, how it supports you, how it changes and show off FOB gameplay (Forward Operating Base. It's the base you use online).

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DarkOcelet1264d ago

Wisp is a weapon from Zone of the enders. It grabs targets from a long distance so my guess this will elongate the metallic arm making it grab targets from afar.

I hope am right though lol.

just_looken1263d ago

I guess everyone forgot blue means non lethal in the mgs universe.

DarkOcelet1263d ago

But that ain't there just for the color. Pretty sure it's an ability for the mech hand and like you said, non lethal at that.

Meltic1263d ago

have a feeling that MGS fans inkl me will be dissapointed by this game. It surely have great MP style and future in that but SP ?... without snake/big boss talking and not so many cutscenes this is no MGS true game. Just a rushed MP MGS game... i may have wrong and i hope so but i remember the old MGS'S

Scatpants1263d ago

You're crazy, the single player looks like the best part.

Meltic1263d ago (Edited 1263d ago )

A open World MGS ?? dont Think so. Would be better with a MGS that wasnt so open. The World looks empty. And im a BIG MGS fan. Ive played them all several times.

LightofDarkness1263d ago (Edited 1263d ago )

I'm more excited for this release than any other this year based on the single player alone. I love MGS but the cutscenes were getting out of hand, frankly. You can tell the same amount of story in a far more economical manner than cutscenes these days; stripping control from the player every 5-10 minutes for what is often trivial exposition isn't quite as Fun as it used to be.

Razmossis1263d ago

I'm only interested in MGO3 at this point. Getting caught in MGS no longer has hefty consequences.

Jerry Seinfeld1263d ago


I've played both MGO's from begining to end. With thousands of hours on each. Over 1,500 in MGO 2 just on my main char. So MGO3 is like 75% of why I am buying MGSV, but the single player looks fucking amazing. It is the other 50% of why I am buying this game day 1. Actually I have already bought it... And yes, my math is correct.

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generic-user-name1263d ago



Are, just no, not wasting my time typing anything else.

Gatsu1263d ago

I think you worry too much friend. But we don't really know until play it, I'm super confident it will be amazing though. Because it's Kojima's game.

Meltic1263d ago

yeah i really hope im wrong here. I know u guys have big hopes for this game and so i am. But im just afraid that the game is too big in scale and not enough stuff to do in the World. From what ive seen from the demos sure you can do some side missions and so on. But not so many Epic cutscenes. We have to wait and see

flyingwombat331263d ago (Edited 1263d ago )

5 year cycle is rushed? Also, I think the series creator has more authority on what's 'true MGS' than you do.
I'm a big MGS fan and I'm super excited to see the series try something really different. That's what kojima and co do best, constantly reinventing the franchise. Which MGS game has been just like the last?

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ginsunuva1263d ago

Hooray a release window for a gameplay demo.....

Gatsu1263d ago

Excited to see all the arms Big Boss can be equipped with :) and just one month for our glorious game YEAH!

Gigus1263d ago

Slightly off topic but we need a beta for MGO.