Don’t Starve Is Getting Another Expansion This Fall

ASidCast: "Don’t Starve, a sand box survival game and one of the few to actually come out of Early Access, is getting it’s second expansion this fall, 2015. The expansion will be called Don’t Starve: Shipwrecked and from the looks of the teaser video released by Klei Entertainment, which you can see below, we are going to speculate that the expansion will probably feature ships."

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uth111202d ago

Awesome, love this game!

l33t_haxx0r1201d ago

Still waiting for don't starve together on ps4 :/

1nsomniac1201d ago

Love this game but I'm not very good at it. I never tend to make it through the first winter. When I watch streams they always seem to have so much built. I usually have a chest, cooking pot, drying rack, science & Alchemy machine & a farm.

fr0sty1201d ago (Edited 1201d ago )

For winter, you want at least one beefalo hat, I usually have 2 thermal stones (I leave one by the fire nice n' hot if I need it). Then for food, stock up as many veggies in your refrigerator and lots of meat in the drying rack. Also, build a bee house and harvest lots of honey from it before the winter. Then you can hunt beefalo and koalafant when the food starts running out, and mix 2 meats with 2 honeys in the crock pot to make honey ham, which restores an enormous amount of health and sanity when you eat it. Also, you can roam the swamps during the evenings to where the mermen hang out, and wait for them to get into a fight with a tentacle. Not only will the dead mermen drop fish and frog legs to eat (make fish sticks! 1 fish, 2 random food items, one stick), but you also will get tentacle spikes, the best weapon in the game, when they kill a tentacle.

Just remember that any time you venture from camp, have a thermal stone, beefalo hat, and plenty of wood to start fires along the way to warm up again.

I personally find summer harder (again, thermal stones are key. keep one in the fridge at all times, also build endothermic fires using nitre) because you have to worry about your stuff randomly catching on fire.

uth111201d ago

I don't bother with drying racks any more. Instead my winter strategy is to find enough food sources (rabbits, monster meat, cactus) I use a caged bird to turn monster meat into eggs so I can really make it last.

0nespark1201d ago

Hah, I die within the first 10 days.