Capcom Confirms it's Developing a Resident Evil 2 Remake

TheArabGamer writes: "After lots of speculation and fan demand it seems Capcom are finally making a Resident Evil 2 Remake. Development team known as H have confirmed on the official Facebook that a remake of RE2 is in the conceptual stage."

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DevilOgreFish1176d ago

Oh finally, i hope it turns out nice! It's too bad though that the series is on the brink of needing a reboot. The revelations series is about thing holding the games up. I hope for a revival with RE7 after this Remake.

_-EDMIX-_1175d ago

" The revelations series is about thing holding the games"


Capcom already stated its splitting the series from Revelations being more horror the the action titles. They stated that they are watching Revelations sales closely on what they want to do with the series. Though I'm ok with them doing the action titles for more money, I personally don't want any more action titles.

Limited ammo

limited saves

limited health.

zombies, not just gray dudes shooting at you, driving tanks, opening doors and speaking foreign languages lol.

Though it sounds like RE2 remake is being done by another team and not the main RE team.

"Right after the RE HD Remaster project was finished, I actually started putting together my ideas for this "RE2 Project"

The main RE team did not do that game nor are they doing RE Zero or Revelations series (rumor is they are currently deep into making RE7)

So we'll likely see RE7 before RE2. Though I personally wish it was the other way around, I'd rather RE2 remake very much show Capcom that its what fans truly want.

Change the camera, controls, graphics....then leave it the hell alone!

Concertoine1175d ago (Edited 1175d ago )

I hope they keep the camera angles, personally,

I miss when games actually controlled differently. Now everything has either a behind the shoulder camera or first person camera, L+R to shoot, everything has some RPG level up system, etc...

The camera angles were a powerful tool of making things more cinematic, elliciting dread from the player of what's around the corner, etc.

I know lot of people just can't wrap their head around the controls (no clue why personally), but maybe if those people didnt start playing horror games the genre wouldnt be where it is now.

TheCommentator1175d ago (Edited 1175d ago )

Change the camera, controls, graphics... WTF! If they do all that, then they also change the tension, pacing, and difficulty.

Graphics and new areas, like RE1 on Gamecube. No more than that.

I agree, controls are fine. It's conceptually the same as driving an RC car.

KwietStorm1175d ago

Why would anyone disagree with this.


I personally don't mind if they modernize both the camera and controls. For the nostalgia, I'd too love to see the classic gameplay, but at the same time, it didn't aged that well (at least not for my tastes).

Maybe a middle ground, fixed cameras with more intuitive control (like contextual direction from the analog stick, as you see in top down games, but considering the camera is not alway top down) would work the best for me. But anyway it goes, classic, modern or middle ground, I can still live with either gameplay, no problem.

Now messing with limited ammo, limited saves, proper zombies, dark atmosphore, etc... That I can relate with. Capcom better know, if they ruin the horror with action shenanigans it's a deal breaker.

_-EDMIX-_1175d ago

@Concertoine- Would be cool if you could switch from both.

RE4 actually had that in its early development

@7.11 and other times in the video I believe he is shooting from the older far 3rd person angle where as in other scenes its over the shoulder, either by choice or by the design of the room as the room could be fixed and doesn't allow for free roam camera.

But It would be nice if they had both.

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Dinkleberg1011175d ago

I dont think we need any more reboots at this time. its been almost 3 years since the ps4 and xbox1 release and still developers keep rebooting unnecessary games. we enjoyed these games in the past and they were good at their time but time change.
it would be nice to start working on a rebooted resident evil or better yet a new IP instead of being greedy and put almost no effort just to cash in on popular old games

Ciporta19801175d ago

You mean its been almost 2 years.

Milkshake1175d ago

You mean "remaster", right? reboot is something totally different!

Dinkleberg1011174d ago

I meant "remaster" sorry bout that

Magicite1175d ago

RE3 next then, also I wouldnt mind RE4 and RE5 with full overhaul.

TheCommentator1175d ago

Survival horror died when RE4 came out.

Blasphemy1175d ago

when is capcom going to release a next gen game ?

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DarkOcelet1176d ago

So it seems they are looking at what Square Enix is doing. Good news. But without Shinji Mikami, I wonder how good the Remake will be.

RashBandicoot1176d ago

I just hope it carries the same gameplay elements/atmosphere of the RE1 and RE0 remakes. Those were perfect in my opinion.

DarkOcelet1176d ago (Edited 1176d ago )

Knowing Capcom, they won't. it will be a modern to camera. I am ok with it as long as the atmosphere and the horror is there.

But then again if they did it like ReRemake with graphics like Until Dawn then we are looking at masterpiece.

_-EDMIX-_1175d ago

RE Zero was not remade as much as remastered and RE1 was only remade in 2002, the version we got this year was a remaster with better models not to be confused with a full on remake.

Those 2 titles are closer to the Gamecube versions then RE1 2002 was to its PS1 version.

RE2 is going to far, far, FAR past its PS1 and N64 version, expect it to look extremely different in terms of visuals, but I don't see the art direction changing, the game play elements changing etc.

Expect it to play true to RE2's concepts of survival in terms of limited everything lol

Capcom has already publicly stated they want the RE series to be split from its horror versions to its more action versions.

This is really what they should have done YEARS ago! I skipped RE6 based on the junk I played with RE5, it was just NOT a real RE game, it was RE by name alone.

I'll buy Zero, I actually really, really liked Revelations and will buy RE2's remake.

They split the series before with Survivor, the light gun games, Outbreak etc they should have just kept doing that. I own't buy RE7 if its just a bro dude shooter lol, but will buy the survival horror based REs.

-Foxtrot1176d ago

If I had to guess since it's Capcom they will end up modernizing it way too much and it will basically be like Leons sections in Resident Evil 6...instead of it being RE2 but with updated graphics and more rooms to expand on the story.

If the fixed camera angles aren't present like the first RE Remake why bother. There is a reason it sold so much when it was released on the PS4/Xbox One

_-EDMIX-_1175d ago

I'm not sure they will do that as they've already stated they recogonize that the fans don't like the action based games. They stated the actions RE's would be split into other games.

ie Revelations won't be like RE7 etc, mind you the remakes and ports they did with RE's have always fixed some issues along the way. RE2002 fixed LOTS of issues with the PS1 version and RE2002 remaster fixed even more like you stated, so I don't really see that happening.

....god I hope that doesn't happen. I skipped Re6 btw, I know it would be bad based on what I played with RE5 and I completely gave up on the numbered games, they are Gears Of War to be honest with you.

-Foxtrot1175d ago

They wont split them up its just a lie to keep old fans happy

Revelations 2 wasn't scary, it still felt action based at times and had crappy co-op.

RE7 will be the same.

They know we dont like it but they'll still do it as it stil sells well

_-EDMIX-_1175d ago

@Fox-? what? lolz sure. Sooooo them stating they are splitting it form horror to more action based is a lie? Yet they've always had many RE series out, why not make a RE series that is horror survival and just do the action separate? That is actually what they are doing, you had limited ammo, health in RE Revelations 2.

I'm not sure you really know what your talking about.

Revelations 2 very much shows they want it to be surivival and limited ammo and health and having puzzles very much made it closer to RE then any RE after 4.

Its more RE in concept then even RE4 is....

I'm sorry but you can't just say "wasn't scary", that is subject, we are talking about objective features here, not if you thought it was scary, could I not claim no game I ever played ever scared me, thus Capcom is lying?

Do you not get that they are referring to the difficulty and the genre?

If your just going to result in stating that the publisher is just "lying" then why even comment on anything? lol

Might as well use that as any defense. So even them saying they are splitting it from horror to action isn't enough convince you taht they are splitting it from horror to action? lol

_-EDMIX-_1175d ago

Well not really, if anything Capcom is the king of remakes. They've been doing ground up remakes longer then Square. RE 2002 being one of the biggest overhauls of a game at that time to date.

RE2 to many fans was more likely then even FFVII as Capcom seem to be gearing up to a RE2 remake. With RE2002 and RE Zero remaster, though a remaster is nothing like a full on remake, I think many fans sorta saw the direction it might be going it.

I think the remake can be good even without Shinji as the concept of his game will very much influence the remake, I don't see them going away from the survival concept.

I see it having RE4's controls, but RE2's concept (as many, many fans wanted)

ie limited ammo, limited saves, limited health.

Doodleburger1175d ago

Considering the evil within was a complete piece of shit, i'd say they're better off without him.

shloobmm31175d ago

it will be the same game with updates graphics. Whether he is there or not should play no role in how the game turns out.

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chrisx1175d ago

Good news keep up the good vibes cap

Mega241175d ago

So I guess the gaming industry reach that point of remakes, just like Hollywood.