Star Cards - the system for Battlefront's multiplayer unlocks explained

Star Cards is a new system designed for weapon unlocks in Star Wars Battlefront's multiplayer mode. Classes in multiplayer no longer exist. There's no word yet on whether or not players will be charged for these cards.

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GortJester1200d ago

I'm going to assume it's like PVZ Garden Warfare's Sticker Packs.

Dudebro901200d ago (Edited 1200d ago )

It's anything in game gave original...

So you have battlefield, plus star wars skin, with PVZ sticker packs.

Boy am I glad EA
Has that star wars license all to themselves.

jukins1200d ago

Well why don't you tell us your brand new innovative approach surely you have one since you're so critical of ea's approach

Dudebro901200d ago

Oh idk, make it like the original games, and not just fork your existing franchises?

jukins1200d ago

So basically you want a new skinned battlefront since you want it like the original lol so funny

FantasticBoss1200d ago

Honestly, I was all for the changes they were making. I was willing to acknowledge the faults of the originals and had no issue with them tweaking the game. However, this card loadout thing doesn't sound appealing at all so far.

Vermigs1200d ago

The original Battlefront was a Battlefield game with a Star Wars skin...

Elit3Nick1200d ago

The main thing that worries me about this is that there'll be a meta combination of cards that are simply better than all other combinations. DICE will need to balance each cards so that they're as worthwhile to use as the others, and that's something that's not easy to do.

Majin-vegeta1200d ago

Imo the more powerful ones should be limited to one use per match.While the lesser ones can be used over and over.Would really make combat more fun.

Elit3Nick1200d ago

It's not like Titanfall where you use up cards for bonuses. You simply pick them and you get whatever they contain for as long as you want.

pompombrum1200d ago

Honestly the thought of cards in a Battlefront game sounds terrible but how they are implementing it actually sounds quite good. I just hope it doesn't turn into a monetization strategy for people to buy card packs to get exclusive/rare cards.

InTheZoneAC1200d ago

just wish people would quit crying

This is no different than battlepacks and battlefield. Get "cards", change loadout

same result in the end, slightly different way of implementing

People just need to quit crying about whatever imbalance there may be and just use a loadout that YOU like and stop caring what the next person is using...

Peace_Love_and_FPS1197d ago

Agreed, but the battle packs would have attachments, you couldn't unlock stuff like grenades from them, camos you could, these are items like grenades, boosts, other stuff so I see it more as perks than unlocks.

That being said I know they're going to charge for them, they started in BF4 with no charge them in hard-line they were available for purchase.

InTheZoneAC1197d ago

and people are dumb enough to buy stuff you'll randomly get after every match...

just like idiots that paid for shortcuts, all vehicle unlocks, weapon attachment unlocks, etc.

If people are actually dumb enough to buy that then more power to EA.

Peace_Love_and_FPS1196d ago

That's the sad thing, friend :/ they are dumb enough to buy them... Dumb, lazy, I dunno what you want to call it but it's a poor move for the industry, just wait until next Battlefield. They'll introduce an exclusive "premium" battle packs that's aren't just included in premium but only available to those premium members who then buy them.

As if DLC isn't enough of a pay to win/waste your money ponzi scheme already (pay to win as in the DLC guns are superior to vanilla and battle packs need no explanation).