The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Patch 1.08 Changelog Revealed

CD Projekt RED has revealed the changelog for The Witcher 3’s upcoming update.

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imtheman20131176d ago (Edited 1176d ago )

"Players will now be able to complete the Card Collector achievement."

Praying that this means the multiple 'missable' Gwent cards will be available by other means once they've mysteriously disappeared from the world altogether. The only cards I need are all three Hav'caaren Medics or Healers or whatever they are in the actual game, as many guides I've seen aren't sure of their names or locations...

thekhurg1176d ago


Overall improvements to performance, including some issues that may have been caused by 1.07.

So that makes me think PS4 users will still suffer the 20fps bug? Since the wording is specifically addressing problems introduced in 1.07 and not bugs that have been there since day one???

This is frustrating.

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starchild1176d ago

It's not a bug. They are using double buffered vsync so whenever 30fps can't be maintained it drops to 20fps, which is the next lowest factor of 60fps.

dantesparda1176d ago

Why would they use double buffering? Are they out of memory, so cant resort to triple buffering? Are they worried about the little bit of extra latency triple buffering would bring to a game like this? What is their problem?

littlezizu1176d ago

Actually it might refer to bug where you don't get trophy/ achievement even after collecting every card. There is actually thread in cd project forum dedicated for people having this issue.

showtimefolks1175d ago

this is how you support your game after launch always get feedback from your fanbase. this also shows how big Witcher 3 is and how it quite possibly impossible to fix every bug in the game before launch

I hope future open world games get the same sort of support and we don't have to bed developers to fix stuff

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That-Guy1176d ago

"Fixes an issue where players were unable to free the merchant during the Person in Distress event in the Claywich area."

At last! He never showed in Claywich.

psplova1176d ago

Eh... Skellige's Most Wanted is still broken it would seem.. Fun quest, but it'd be better if we could actually finish it!

psplova1176d ago

I'm tired of him mocking me so.. He can GO TO HELL!

; )

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