5 Games to Look Forward to in August

The summer drought of games is almost at an end. While we wait for all of the AAA titles hitting this fall, here are five titles you should be excited for in August. Oh, and we won’t make you click through five pages to look at the entire list.

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DirtyPete1271d ago

Ive been waiting for until dawn for some time now. I cant wait to give that a shot and get my hands on Rare Replay

derkasan1271d ago

Yeah, Rare Replay should be great. You can't beat 30 games for $30.

DirtyPete1271d ago

I know that's what I was telling my buddy its a dollar a game! I honestly would have paid ten individually if they released them digitally but this is 100 times better than I even thought could ever happen haha

Clover9041271d ago

I'll never understand the mindset of quantity over quality. I'd rather pay the same amount for one great title over a bundle for the sake of having a bunch of games. If you're genuinely excited about the titles included in the game, great, but it seems like you're just focusing on the quantity of games.

Taunting1271d ago

Uhmm..What about Gears of War: Ultimate Edition?

JeffGUNZ1271d ago

Yeah, I don't get that at all. It's my most anticipated game this year. Can't WAIT.

Rookie_Monster1271d ago

Rare replay and Gears Ultimate are mine in August!

creeping judas1271d ago

Rare Replay and Until Dawn for this guy!!

kingxtreme811271d ago

Until Dawn and Gears of War: Ultimate Edition for me.

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