DriveClub has sold over 2 million copies


DriveClub has sold at least 2 million copies, according to a post by game director Paul Rustchynsky.

We asked if this included PS Plus Edition sales or not and were told by Rustchynsky that "this figure was reached prior to the release of the PS+ Edition". So this means that the 2 million sold figure is for both retail and digital sales alone.

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MightyNoX1271d ago

Well deserved. The amount of post-launch content continuously put other 'next gen' race games to shame.

Cindy-rella1271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

Best looking racing game on any gaming system and itll be the best looking racing game this year and probably until gran turismo 7 is out. Im still quite amazed by how beautiful and realistic this game looks.

Driveclub is a quality title so it deserves to be successful.

TFJWM1271d ago

Nice to see it sell that well after a rough launch. Not a big fan of racing games but the bit I played of the PS+ verison seemed very well done.

1271d ago
Aery1271d ago

Well deserved, one of the best racing game I've ever played.

Lamboomington1271d ago

don't GT games go for 60fps though ?

If GT7 is 60fps, it won't come close to Driveclub's visuals. DC is really advanced graphically, and you're not going to be able to beat that at double the framerate.

So until Evo release another title, I think this will be the best looking console racer.

Right now it definitely beats PC racers overall, but for PC you never know what will come later on.

pumpactionpimp1271d ago

Seriously not tryibg to troll here, but honest question for the people that love the game... what is honestly so great about this game?

Im a huge fan of gran turismo, and forza games. This has an awkward progression system, you can not tweak and customize cars beyond paint jobs, the car physics are shotty if not down right horrible, most of the content is locked behind paid dlc, the 30fps kills the experience for me. I can go on, but there is no need. The graphics on this game are killer, but as a racing fan, I feel I was sold a need for speed arcady style racer, that was being touted as a driving simulator.

I know everyone has different tastes, mine are obviously not satisifed by this game, but I hear so many say its a great game, and im truly left wondering whats so great about it past the graphics?

RzaDaRazor1271d ago

Because that's what matters in racing games, how it looks. Who cares about the physics and actual realism of the driving. As long as those raindrops on the windshield move, best racing game ever!!!

Haru1271d ago


Forza 6 doesn't look half as good as Driveclub and the weather isn't even dynamic, also the graphics will most likely be downgraded just like Forza 5 was at launch

frostypants1271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

@pumpactionpimp, I'm with you. No doubt DriveClub is pretty, but I hate the driving model. Feels very much like one of those arcade racers like "Daytona USA" to me, with the butt of the car snapping all over the place and some really bizarre spinout physics. I can have fun with it but don't feel any real need to upgrade beyond the free PS Plus version. It is what it is...I'm just more of a sim guy. I do like how the devs have supported it though.

bouzebbal1271d ago

i love this game. Glad to see PS community isn't driven by some troll "opinions".

xActionBasturdx1271d ago

I've crashed into countless walls admiring the environment on DC lol...still one of the best looking games released so far

freshslicepizza1271d ago

good sales especially for a new ip. still haven't had a chance to play it

ABizzel11271d ago

Good for them. DC is a good game after all the work they put into fixing it, and 2 million is sales is great. The only downside I can think of is that the game wasn't selling at full price all that time, so profit might not be as much as they hoped.

Yi-Long1271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

People asking WHY it's great!? My answer; because it's FUN. It just has great gameplay where it's just FUN to play, each and every race.

Fantastic game.

InTheZoneAC1271d ago

best looking, yes
best gameplay? no

I'll take sim over arcade any day, but if I go arcade I prefer NFS

This game is still fun, but all people ever do is mention it's graphics, but ignoring the gameplay side...

Knushwood Butt1271d ago

It's a rush. Challenging yet fun too. Looks and sounds great. A ton of additional content if you want it a great support from the devs.

I've played it a ton.

MysticStrummer1271d ago

I thought the average gamer was getting older, not younger, but some comments seem to come from people who don't know there are sim racers and arcade racers, and even hybrids.

OT - Well deserved. Not many racers have kept me coming back for more like Driveclub has. For sheer fun, which is entirely subjective, it's the best racer I've played since one of the Burnouts on PS2. Fun and challenging.

Septic1271d ago

Yeah visually its astounding. In every other department its quite mediocre imo. They need to flesh out the sequel with more content and increased scope.

Dee_911270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

I completely agree with you aside from 30fps and "touted as a driving simulator" part. It wasn't touted as a hardcore simulator.
I can probably play this game about 20 mins before I get incredibly bored. But i'm a general car nut and the cars in this game is top notch and it keeps me coming back, that along with the graphics, I can spend hours taking photos. I haven't really gotten into the multiplayer aspect yet, so that may be a part of the game that keeps me entertained and if there was more car customization, that may keep me interested also, but as it stand. I have a stable of racing games that I would rather play.
Still a good game nonetheless, its a great platform in which to build off.

nix1270d ago

I recently started playing the game again.. Was surprised to see so many new levels..

The game clearly gives you the rush.. The car starts getting little out control when you start going really fast.. So i slow down in small corners.. The swoosh sound it makes as you go fast is quite unnerving.

Great game. Congrats Evo. Well deserved.

ABizzel11270d ago


What is more content & scope (I'm assuming you mean potentially open world or simply more stuff) going to do to make "a mediocre game in every other department" better.

DC is a good game, and it's only flaw IMO is lack of content, and presentation (as far as making the game fun to play in every way such as career mode, race intros, and other little minor things that make the game just step above the rest).

subtenko1270d ago

I cant wait for vvVVrrrOOOm vvRRROOOOOM Motorstorm!!!! :D

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AndrewLB1271d ago

Except that the vast majority of driveclub "sales" were because it was bundled with the PS4.

Plus Project Cars is still a far better game. The reviews, sales numbers, and graphics (except for water on windshield) all support this.

Ciporta19801271d ago

It wasn't bundled straight away and it sold close to a million very quickly so maybe you should know your facts before commenting. Driveclub is a pretty awesome racing game and I can't understand the negative reviews it got. Project cars does look amazing though and it is a game I really want to get.

TwoForce1271d ago

Project Car is sim. Driveclub is arcade. That is all.

PowerPlayaaa1271d ago

You sir are so butthurt by the ps4 success that you feel you have to say negative stuff against every positive related article that leans towards sony.
If you don't, I think your going to cry and bang your head against the wall and scream sony rules sony rules sony ruleeeeees ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
Something like that.

Sitdown1271d ago

I always wonder why people default to "butthurt", what exactly is it... And why would talking about it be the first line of defense/offense? While the graphics are phenomenal, I do wonder the role of the low price point and lack of current racers. I almost pull the trigger, but decided to wait for the PS+ version, which just might make the sales that more impressive when people could have waited like I did.

Germany71271d ago

Nobody cares about your opinion because you don't even have a PS4.

tinynuggins1271d ago

So it sold a million copies on it's own and a million with the bundle. That's still good for a new IP.

fr0sty1271d ago

Ignoring that, even if the sales were mostly the result of the bundle, which they were not, bundles still cost more than the base unit does, so you're still buying the damn game.

Ezz20131271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

Give it a rest already.

IamTylerDurden11271d ago

Is this the only reason TLoU Remastered sold 4 million? Same reason inFAMOUS sold over 3 million on PS4?

P cars does not have better "graphics" than Driveclub, even xboners admit that.

The reviews mean nothing bc Driveclub is a radically different game than when it released with all it's problems. Anyone who believes those early reviews are indicative of the type of game that Driveclub currently is, is either naive or uninformed.

Also, P cars released on at least 3 different systems and had essentially sold thousands of copies years b4 it released bc of kickstarter. With the addition of the PS+ edition it's more than likely Driveclub will reach 3 million in lifetime sales. Not bad for a new ip that's exclusive to 1 system, especially considering the bad press it got early.

Stop hating, and what was the reason u had to bring up P cars? Regardless, congrats to Evo Studios for making the best racer this gen! The weather fx in Driveclub are the best and most dynamic i have ever seen.

r2oB1270d ago

@ AndrewLB

Wasn't that a bundle sold in EU only? And wasn't that article reflecting numbers from November? You saying that Driveclub sold almost 2 million copies from October to November? I'm not sure what's the point of referencing that particular article that was made a month or so after Driveclub released.

Do you say the same for Forza and TMCC bundles that were sold in pretty much all territories for longer than the Driveclub bundle?

ChronoJoe1270d ago

So what? People could have chosen other bundles. It's not as if it was given away for free with all systems, like how Wii Sports and such were provided with Wii U units, inflating their 'sales'. Whichever way you look at it, people bought the game.

2m units is very good for this type of racing game. Hopefully it continues to sell as press has been much more positive about the game after all of its updates.

Evolution Studio are very talented, and I want their game to be successful dominantly because I want their studio to stay open and for them to keep their jobs. I would really like a new Motorstorm or Wipeout game from Evolution.

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RocketScienceLvlStuf1271d ago ShowReplies(12)
MK24ever1271d ago

It is my favorite racing game of all time, and I'm 34 years old and play since very young.

Why is that?
Because it looks AND sounds so good, but so good that you feel completely immersed in the game, the cars all sound and play very differently, according to what you expect the selected car you're playing would actually be in real life, add to that the dynamic weather and lighting system and you're in for a treat, every race looks different, instead of the static and bland empty scenarios we're used to see on most sims.
It's a driving game with very fast cars that you actually feel are going very fast, the sense of speed is amazing on this game, the best ever on a racing game.
I absolutely love the driving physics to, it isn't as forgiving as many people who never played it make you believe, you'll have to know how to take corners, when to brake and have a very precise control of the car if you want to do good on this game, this isn't Burnout, also the car won't spin at a slighly stronger push of the accelerator, or slide like it's racing on butter or take corners like a boat, as in most "realistic sims" happens, so it has the best balance of drive/fun I know in a racing game.

The selection of cars is awesome, yes it still misses some, mostly american cars, but by playing the existent ones, I can see why :P

I'm really sad that this game was and keeps being trashed by so many people, mostly Forza fans and real-sims fanatics. Those who just want to play a mind blowing game that is accessible, yet requires lots of skill to dominate, a game that puts FUN above stupid cars mechanic and physics like tires temperatures and fuel octanes and all that crap no one really understands but real racing professionals and 2 or 3 enthusiasts.

I hope they keep selling so we have Driveclub 2 someday.

Aceman181271d ago

I agree with 100%, I love this game it is pure white knuckle racing, and the bloody FXX is soooo damn scary hahaha.

thereapersson1270d ago

How do you not have a well said bubble yet?

Lev19031271d ago

LOL. PS4 fanbase couldnt play any other racing game then Driveclub and then instantly say its better the FH2. Clearly you guys dont know what a good racing game is. Reviews of driveclub dont lie about the game. And saying that its better the any Forza series is beyond stupid. Only a person who never played Forza would say that.

Good sales doesnt mean a good game. By your logic call of duty is the best game out there.

But congrats to evolution. I hope they keep evolving and making games better and better. IF driveclub was the first draw then i really wanna see what they come up next.

dragon821271d ago

LOL You assume that the PS4 fanbase only plays PS4.

MysticStrummer1271d ago

"PS4 fanbase couldnt play any other racing game then Driveclub"

Yet… they can. What are you even saying…?

r2oB1270d ago

I guess this guy forgot that PS4 gamers can also play multiplat racers.

Also, how can you say racing fans that play on PS4 clearly don't know what a good racing game is? Of course they do. Any PS4 racing fan that played racing games on PS3 know of Gran Turismo, a series rated higher than Forza (as you said, reviews don't lie right?). Not to mention the ones that migrated from Xbox have played Forza games, those are good racers right? People know what a good racer is, its subjective. They think DC is better, you think Forza is better. To each their own.

But I will agree that good sales don't always mean a good game, but sometimes it does. Especially considering it's a new IP, with a good flow of updates. It has to be selling well for a reason.

XanderZane1270d ago

@Dragon82, MysticStrummer, r2oB
I think he's saying that none of you guys have ever played an XBox Forza game. At least not this generation. Yet you are saying they are worse then DC. I've played them both. FH2 is definitely better overall. Forza 5 was short on content because it was rushed to market. Don't think Forza 6 will have that problem. Also GT's last 2 games last gen were both rated worse then Forza 3 & 4 last gen. We'll see how GT7 does against Forza 6 this gen. He wasn't talking about multiplat racing games.

r2oB1270d ago

@ Xander

What makes you think that Forza 5 was rushed to market when it followed the same 2 year cycle every other Forza game had (even when transitioning from the Xbox to the Xbox 360, in case you would try and use the generation transition as an excuse). The game wasn't rushed, it was just not as good as previous Forza games. It rated a 79, that's the risk you take for releasing games so quickly. The good news is they have nowhere to go but up. Forza Horizon was definitely a breath of fresh air for the series, but now that they are on the CoD cycle (yearly franchise with alternating titles), they run the risk of becoming stale (not saying they will).

Yes Forza 3 and 4 rated higher than the last two GT games, but there have been three more Forza games since, which have dropped the rating for the franchise as a whole. Once again, a result of releasing games so quickly. By no means am I saying the series is bad, or rated badly, just GT has a higher rating as a series (with both series having declined scores for later releases).

Hopefully GT7 is released this year, but I think it's more likely next year.

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slasaru011271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

Well deserved? It's the only big exclusive racing game on PS4 and with install base of over 20 millions sell only 2 millions? It's a shame. Moreover, I'm sure they count bundled copies, which come with PS4 for free. This reduces the sales by double

Chevalier1271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

Guess by your logic Forza 4 was a failure since they only sold 4.5 million to an install of 80 million Xbox 360 owners?! Also Gran Turismo 5 outsold the last 5 Forza series games COMBINED so again by your logic Forza isn't even worth mentioning then.

deafdani1270d ago

"Only" 2 million? This means 1 out of every 10 PS4 owners has the game. That's a pretty good attach rate.

DeadlyFire1270d ago

hmm.. I think the point being made here is that Sony wants this series to continue. It did well enough for a sequel. Gameplay is pretty solid even in PS+ version which is only version I have played. Its very likeable to me and I am not a big racer fan. I would buy it if I had room on my hard drive. I have stuff to finish first. :)

Anything that hits 1-3 million in one year or so usually is a positive profit sign. Either way you wanna spin it.

IamTylerDurden11271d ago

Well deserved and here's to hitting 3m in sales, which is very possible considering they hit 2m before the ps+ edition even hit. 3m would be a fantastic number and a testament to how amazing Driveclub is atm. This is more impressive when u realize it only sold on 1 system and had massive server problems and bad PR.

To those who say Driveclub is a super archadey racer a la NFS, it's not, it is a nice mix of archade and sim. Try and play Driveclub just as u'd play NFS and i'll laugh when u come in last every race. Make sure u hit "boost" on the straight aways and never break, u got it...Yeah, Driveclub is such an easy game, there's no learning curve, a real NFS clone.

Septic1271d ago

I disagree. A slightly above average racer with excellent visuals.

The post launch content is still laughable compared to the stock content in Horizon 2.

SpaceRanger1270d ago

Lmao! Alright Septic, we get it. You think Horizon 2 is a better racing game. I think we understood it from the first comment you left on this article. Opinions are opinions.

Knushwood Butt1270d ago

You make 3 posts in this thread all saying the same thing.

Ignored by 70? Make that 71.

Septic1270d ago

They didn't say all the same thing lol. Im specifically addressing the post launch content here..

DOMination-1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

A lot of that post launch content was required because it didn't work properly or was missing features it was supposed to have at release.

If it had released now it would have been a really good game with favourable reviews but the fact they've needed all those updates proves the point that it wasn't ready

showtimefolks1270d ago

for as much as the critics criticized the this game, the people who actually bought/played the game have all said positive things and many actually love it

so lifetime sales could pass 3 plus million. I hope this becomes a racing franchise for sony. but I still want motorstorm for ps4 in the future

instead of hating on the game try to actually play the game, don't let reviewers make the decision for you

evolution studios have supported this well with a lot of post launch content

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SaveFerris1271d ago

Congrats to Evolution Studios.

1271d ago
Haru1271d ago

Lol, I think it's funny how you get downvoted just because you congratulate them

grumpygamr1271d ago

The Xbox Fanboys live in their own little world where logic and facts don't matter. It makes me want to not have an Xbox One when I see the idiocy of their online vocal fanbase. Poor Microsoft. Hopefully they will get some intellegence hardcore fans soon that can go on a forum and not look like a complete moron by giving wrong information and calling PS fans idiots. There is a lot to like about Xbox One but their fanbase (not everyone just most) is not one of then.

_-EDMIX-_1271d ago

Agreed. Guess that delay was worth it. Hope they do better at launch with Driveclub 2, as I'm sure they will.

Walker1271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

After a bad launch they manage to make one of the best racing games this generation[if not the best]. Post launch support has been fantastic .


Lamboomington1271d ago

They set an example in that regard.

Genuine-User1271d ago

Congratulations to Evolution Studios.

nowitzki20041271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

Deserved, Wonder how many sales the PS+ edition pushed. I know a couple people that did not like the game because of "what they heard" I told them to download the PS+ edition they did, loved it and bought the full version. Cant wait to see how much they improve with their next title.

_-EDMIX-_1271d ago

"Wonder how many sales the PS+ edition pushed"

Right from the article.

"We asked if this included PS Plus Edition sales or not and were told by Rustchynsky that "this figure was reached prior to the release of the PS+ Edition""

S2Killinit1271d ago

No way, i thought the release problems killed sales but it seems the game's merits pulled its weight afterall. Good thing, its a good game.