Grinding in Games: Do We Need Loot to Have Fun?

Is the thrill in the reward or in the hunt? Does it have to be there?

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PSIN4MANT1200d ago

I love that people think Destiny has an actual grind... Korean MMOs called and said quit whining.

q8kik1200d ago

For people that dislike grinding

Just stay away from Disgaea.....for your own sake :P

ChronoJoe1200d ago

It's not that bad. You can at least beat story mode without grinding at all and fortunately the item world is procedural, so it's less of a grind as you face different challenges on each stage.

Much more of a grind if you run the same stage over and over for the best XP, though. But these kind of games end up being what you make them to be.

Saijahn1200d ago

Destiny was my first mmo and boy did it suck but eventually the loot made the boredom worth it. I just started getting back into Destiny a month ago and got some nifty guns but now there's way better guns in the last dlc. And then they're doing a $40 dlc to add more depth to the game.

the only thing that keeps me coming back is the loot.