Sony: Morpheus Titles Won't Have '50 Hours of Gameplay'

VRFocus reports on Sony Computer Entertainment America CEO Shawn Layden commenting on why Project Morpheus titles won't boast '50 hours of gameplay'.

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Godmars2901201d ago

think such would be a medical hazard...

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Exoil1200d ago

Medical hazard or not, I just wish they would tell us if we're going to be able to play all our PS4 games on the Morpheus, with or without 3D and VR.

Relientk771201d ago

That would really hurt your eyes and give you massive headaches If you played it for too long

joab7771201d ago

Yeah, but how can they say it won't be 50 hrs. It will be as many hrs as we want it to once we buy it.

Havnt they ported Skyrim to Occulus or are going to?

nowitzki20041201d ago

They will cut Skyrim/Witcher3/NBA2k15 to 50 hours lol... They probably mean the games Sony will make.

SmokingMonkey1201d ago

50 hours of Project Morpheus later;

"I know Kung-Fu."

FarEastOrient1201d ago

Thanks this comment my day!

lxlkuyaboilxl1201d ago (Edited 1201d ago )

I wonder how screwed up your brain could get if they make an Inception/Matrix kind of game.

Within the game you're putting on a VR headset at the destination to reach another area, but you get so many levels deep that you don't even know which one is the "real" level or worse... the immersion is so deep that you don't ever take the VR headset off at all.

I wonder if it'll get so far that developers need to code in reminders for gamers to take the headset off. I doubt it'll get that bad, but you never know haha.

opoikl1201d ago


Didn't watch the South Park episode on the Rift? :)

Eonjay1201d ago


LOL that was insane.

lxlkuyaboilxl1201d ago


Lol Steve from customer support will call in game saying, "Listen my friend. This is going to be very hard to comprehend, but none of what you are seeing is real." O_o,

Jivesh1201d ago

Dammit, now I'm psyched to re-watch Chuck.

Eonjay1201d ago

That is probably a good thing. If you look at a regular screen too long it hurts your eyes. This would probably be completely unhealthy.

Also, could playing too much VR alter your perception?

OhMyGandhi1201d ago (Edited 1201d ago )

I can only imagine it would get to the point where they begin showing my apartment (without my knowledge) to potential buyers, and stating, "the man in the corner with the contraption on his head? just ignore him. He says little, keeps a clean area, and won't be a bother. Just don't take the visor off his head. Doing so could damage him more then he already is. Other than that, this is a wonderful place for raising a family."

We are all going to be like Kevin Spacey from K-PAX.

SmokingMonkey1201d ago

We are all only going to eat fruit?

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The story is too old to be commented.