RIDE Visual Analysis: PS4 vs. PC vs. Xbox One

Milestone's current gen racer is heavy on the bike detail.

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LifeInNZ1200d ago

Wow...they both look boring!

Ristul1200d ago

"The PC version is easily the best looking option among the lot but if you’re restricted to consoles, you’re better off choosing the PS4 version. Along with better effects work, it doesn’t suffer from any drops in its frame rate. That being said, it isn’t too different from the Xbox One version when it comes to texture quality, details and resolution."

Clunkyd1200d ago

"PC version is easily the best looking option.."
What? There's hardly any visual difference. lol

parentsbasement1200d ago

The original Road Rash was the only motorcycle game that was worth a play imo...

WheatBread1200d ago

The first Moto Racer was the best motorcycle game ever made.

Xristo1200d ago

Loved that game! It came with my 3DFX Voodoo Rush gpu. Although I will say that Road Rash was hella fun also.

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