GameEnthus Podcast ep237: Bond Clean or Curriculum Enthus

This week Kosa (@LadyKosa) and Mike J (@GravityAllergy) join Aaron (@Ind1fference) and Tiny (@Tiny415) to talk about: Pierce Brosnan, Goldeneye, Ant-Man, Pixels, Taco Bell, Terminator Genisys, LinkedIn, Jurassic World, Sharknado, Asura’s Wrath, Summer Games Done Quick, Battletoads, Ghosts n Goblins, Dreamcast, Not Your Dad’s Root Beer, Crash Nitro Kart, Wonder Boy The Monster Land, Borderlands 2 Vita, Iron Galaxy, Otakon, Windows 10, Heathers, Rollin’, Albino Lullaby, Bacon Man, Thief Town, Sombrero, Heathers, Velvet Dark, Defragmented, Hulu Plus, Netflix, Cyborg, Archie, Batman Arkham Knight, Xbox Live, PS+, Steam, Games for Gold, The Witcher 3, Final Fantasy XIV, Rocket Leage, VainGlory, Watch Dogs, Magic Duels: Origins, Rare Replay, Danganronpa 2, The Conduit, Life is Strange, Super Smash Bros., Super Mario Bros. WiiU, Mario Kart, Punch-Out!!, High Voltage Software, Goldeneye, Boom Blox, Velocibox, Bionic Chainsaw Pogo Gorilla, No Pineapple Left Apple, Common Core, Rupeethon and more.

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