Everything we know about The Division’s weapons so far

The Division is still pretty mysterious, but clues are out there if you look hard enough.

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objdadon1198d ago

I care. Love my shooters and even though this year's e3 showing didn't blow me away, I can tell I'll have fun in this game.

Chaosdreams1198d ago

Oh sweet, this title reminded me I need to cancel my preorder.

bananaboats1198d ago

looking forward to the Beta in December. This game looks like a lot of fun so far

Jughead34161198d ago

Man this game fell from grace pretty quick. Gotta hurt for the devs to see fans lose interest before the game even releases.

bondsmx1198d ago

Think they announced too damn early. Maybe the drop off in fan base wouldn't have happened It was announced a year to 18 months later

1197d ago