Will Zombi U Work as well on PS4 & Xbox One? I’m Not Convinced

ZombiU was the game that convinced me to buy a WiiU. The little touches that the gamepad brought to the experience, like Rayman Legends can’t be easily replicated without it. The WiiU pad is simply fundamental to its design and its atmosphere. I presume it’ll have Smart glass on Xbox One and Hopefully you’ll be able to use the vita as a second screen on PS4, but still I fear the vanilla experience may be lacking vs. the WiiU original.

ScorpiusX2987d ago

We won't know until we get our copies , till then I look forward to playing it .

Jmanzare2986d ago

You can "get"(download) a digital copy

Th3o2987d ago

Without the gamepad and those graphics? Lack of that surprisingly fun multiplayer...pass.

I love it on my wii.u, but if they don't upgrade the graphics or improve the stiff and clipping textures and add a form of multiplayer.

Veneno2987d ago

Even though Wii U is home to many great games, this just goes to show how badly Nintendo designed the console regarding the tablet gimmick. They believed they could nab the casual market again with a control scheme that just wasn't adding anything to the gaming experience. I hate that I have to use that awkward thing to play some games that absolutely do not need it. And here we are. One of the gems from Wii U coming to the other consoles. I guess we don't really need useless control schemes do we Nintendo?

Nintendo needs to learn that if they are going to toss out gimmicks, don't forget to give us the option to use old school pad. It just makes sense.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory2987d ago

yet you guys arent getting the same experience let alone multiplayer.

Veneno2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

I have a Wii U and love it very much. I can get Zombii for it if I want. If you read my comment Im not saying console x is better than y, I'm just saying many games on wii u just do not need the tablet but require you to use it. Like Captain Toad. Nintendo create silly gameplay gimmicks that yes can only be done with the tablet but to not add anhthing to core gameplay. It just seems like bad design to make this big tablet for little segments that are not really that great.

And it just seems sooooooo many Nintendo fanboys don't know the difference between what is a gimmick and what is innovation, so let me help you. Innovation is an ADVANCEMENT so great that it changes the status quo and becomes an integral, essential part of the gaming landscape. Example: online multiplayer, Hi Definition graphics, media functions and apps, etc.

a gimmick is a re working of current tech and ideas that presents DIFFERENT way of doing things, for better or for worse, but presents itself as game changing industry leading quantum leaps, which they are not. Example: motion controls, guitar hero and all those peripherals, second screen gaming, amiibos. These things are not inherently bad, but when people hail these things as innovations, it becomes truly annoying from all the delusion.

Dubaman2987d ago

That old school controller only exists because of 'gimmicks' of the past.

stragomccloud2987d ago

Those innovations make the console the ONLY one truly worth buying if you're a PC gamer.

Jmanzare2986d ago

Good luck playing bloodborne halo uncharted gears the last of us sunset overdrive and batman on pc

stragomccloud2986d ago

Good luck playing all ps3 era and future ps5 games on your ps4. The pc library makes your arguments invalid. Besides, Batman is coming to pc again later this year, and gears is available.

Also, pc can play all ps1, ps2, Wii, GameCube, snes, nes, genesis, and all handheld games. Can you play any of these on your ps4? A tiny number of exclusives, no matter how good can even remotely compare to the endless library of PC. And the titles shared are infinitely better. Batman famously had a bad start, but think about the broken hands on ps3 like Skyrim or Fallout. At least pc games will eventually be fixed.

wheresmymonkey2987d ago

The entire point of this is that the game won't be as good on other consoles because the gamepad is so intregal to the experience. Looks at Rayman Legends. Sure you don't need the pad to play it on PS4 or Xbone, but the WiiU verison is easily the best version of that game because of it.

I doubt something like Affordable space adventures would work with a standard control scheme either.

marloc_x2986d ago

Did Rayman Legends sell the most on Wii U as well too?


iplay1up22986d ago

The gamepad is not a gimmick, and Zombi U will not be the same without it. Just like Mass Effect3,Deux Ex, Rayman, BOPS2, Need for Speed, COD,Splatoon, and a bunch of others that use the gamepad well.

You may not NEED the gamepad, but even X displays the HUD and MAP on the gamepad, which makes the game more immersive.

The Wii remotes work with the system as well as the pro comptroller, so its not like you have to use the gamepad. X, I guess you will need to use the gamepad, because of all of the added options that are just not possible without the gamepad. Unless you use a keyboard.

Jmanzare2986d ago

Are you forgetting about the vita and smart glass? There are a few games with second screen experiences that I just never use.

wonderfulmonkeyman2986d ago

Vita and Smart Glass simply cannot hold a candle to the second screen capability of the game pad, due largely in part to the price on one, and the lack of all needed buttons on both.

Few to none of those games were built with second screen gaming as a focus, either, meaning they aren't implemented even half as well, with latency issues on top of everything else.

marloc_x2986d ago

Did you type your post with a DS4?

rjason122986d ago

Did you really call HD an innovation? It is not an innovation, it's just natural progression, it did not do anything to change the way you play games, it looks like everything you put as "innovation" is things that Sony and Microsoft do/did, while all things that Nintendo has done are "gimmicks".

Veneno2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

Wrong, wrong, wrong, my friend. Sonys Move was a gimmick, Kinect was a gimmick. These things came and went like the Wii U tablet.

Oh, and are you stil watching movies and gaming in SD? I would love to see everyone laugh in your face when you tell them HD graphics have done nothing to make media better. And Sony and Microsoft did not invent HD. Its been around on PC and media well before. Stop trying to make this into a console war argument when itmis not. You are not any more righteous. Just stop, its silly.

please try again :)

LBTRecords2986d ago

Your talking pure garbage. If you say the gamepad didn't add to the experience then I doubt you even own a Wii U. Clearly you fail to see the value of off tv gameplay, especially when it comes to Virtual Console. All that gimmick and innovation talk you speak of amounts to absolutely nothing, the same drivel "fanboys" been going back and forth about for years. The definitive edition of Zombi will be ZombiU regardless of your outlook on Nintendo "fanboys" and gimmicks.

rjason122985d ago

Never tried to make this into a "console war" I was just pointing out what you said, because that's what it seemed like.

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Godmars2902987d ago

I would hope it would work better.

then again, with Ubisoft this could be a straight up port that even still has Wii icons.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory2987d ago

it a straight port with multiplayer and gamepad feature removed

Blastoise2987d ago

It was garbage on Wii U, i'm sure it will be garbage on PS4/Xbox