Kudo Tsunoda explains why 100% backward compatibility will not be possible on Xbox One

Kudo Tsunoda has spoken about why 100% backward compatibility on Xbox One will not be possible. It's largely due to getting permission from publishers and developers. Question marks surround whether or not games from defunct companies such as THQ will be able to make their way to the Xbox One.

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Fro_xoxo1174d ago (Edited 1174d ago )

over 80% would be satisfactory. . :D
Much better than nothing.

Septic1174d ago

Expect a lot of greedy pubs withholding consent to BC on X1 :(

christocolus1174d ago (Edited 1174d ago )

Name a few? I don't know but Activision always comes to mind. I don't see EA,Konami, Namco, Rockstar, 2k ,Ubisoft etc holding the service back. Some would rather re-master their entire catalogue than support BC. Lol.

Kingthrash3601174d ago

Pretty much any company that made or has a remastered game on the way won't allow BC. Others are just stingy.

RiseofScorpio1174d ago

There's only one Pub, the most evil of the bunch.

1174d ago
rdgneoz31174d ago (Edited 1174d ago )

"Expect a lot of greedy pubs withholding consent to BC on X1 :("

Why do you think BO2 isn't on the BC list right now? Everyone wants it, Snoop's done petitions, and BO3 is coming out, so of course they won't.

@Gearsdoo RDR, COD, and Bioshock are not MS IPs, no guarantees when pubs like to do remasters.

FarEastOrient1174d ago

Same reason why you don't see a blow out of titles on PS Now. The 3rd parties will not release all their games to this feature.

The ones I'm concerned about are games from dead publishers and developers. If they're being pulled from the digital stores, how are we even going to get a chance they'll be allowed for either BC or PS Now. For example Marvel vs Capcom 3 is no longer sold on PSN, XBL, or Steam and of course not available for streaming.

CuddlyREDRUM1174d ago

No doubt, this is the Remaster Generation.

subtenko1173d ago

Trust me, all the Playstation fans giggled when they announced it ;) We been there done that. Good ol ps3 days boys

Foehammer1173d ago

@ subtenkco

Trust me, all the Xbox fans giggled when they announced it ;) We been there done that. Good ol 360 days boys

Now we are doing it again, for free

Got to love it

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christocolus1174d ago

80% would be very good imo also multiplayer and dlc will be included. I'm sure most xbx360 indie titles will be made backward compatible too.

MrSwankSinatra1174d ago

MS couldn't even do 50 percent of that with original xbox BC for the 360. Being that the 360 has way more games than the original xbox, you'll be lucky if you even get 50% of 360 BC on X1.

OOMagnum1174d ago

Really?! Thats your reasoning, lmao.

LostDjinn1174d ago

It's about moving goalposts. If you read the quote from this douchebag he claims that the addition of 360 titles will bolster the number of games in the xbone library. Pushing it past "other platforms". Does that mean you add ps1, ps2 and ps3 games (avaliable on psnow) to the ps4 library?

Funny how that works.

So if you wonder how xbone fans can make the bs claims they do just look to MS employees. In this case you can see a direct link. Who said MS has changed? *smh*

Rookie_Monster1174d ago


"Does that mean you add ps1, ps2 and ps3 games (avaliable on psnow) to the ps4 library?"

Really? I thought the PS Now is not considered BC due to it being a pay stream rental/subscription service like most of the PS people had already mentioned? Or has that tone once again change to fit a different situation? LoL

n4rc1174d ago

Does that mean you add ps1, ps2 and ps3 games (avaliable on psnow) to the ps4 library?

not really the same thing.. you can rent those games.. BC is an extension of your ownership of a game

Agent_00_Revan1174d ago

The better reasoning is, because Remasters have become more and more popular this generation amd publishers know what kind of money they can bring. Any game that has been remastered or even considered for one will not get BC.

And considering how long it took and how few games got BC on the 360, I dont see it being that many on the X1. It will be big at first and get a decent amount of support, but like the 360's BC support, it will fizzle off and support will stop over time.

LostDjinn1174d ago

Look at the responses to my comment. Further validation of shifting goal posts and justification.

Here's the rub people...360 games are 360 games. Not xbone games. Ps3 games are ps3 games. Not ps4 games. The fact you can play on newer hardware doesn't change what they are.

Thanks for proving my initial point though guys. You've provided a great laugh for all those that read these comments.

ziggurcat1174d ago


You've misunderstood the point... Which was: you can't just add X360 games to the Xbox One library or consider them as Xbox One games just because they are available via BC. And it really doesn't matter what kind of service PSNow is... You're still playing last gen titles on current gen HW (and just to be clear, I'm not arguing that PSNow is BC because it's not).

JasonKCK1174d ago

LostDjinn Amazing how you call people out for "moving goal post" while at the same time you're moving goal post.

I'll never understand how people can flip flop like that on a daily basis. That goes for anyone. If you're going to take a stance, stay.

Reminds me of when PS fans used to dog Xbox fans for paying for Live, but when Sony started doing it nobody sad a damn thing.

UnHoly_One1174d ago

What if somebody never owned a 360, and would like to purchase a backwards compatible 360 game to play on their Xbox One.

Do you think that person would consider the game an addition to their game's library? Being as how they have no other way to play it, I'd wager to say yes.

I'm not saying that Kameo is now an Xbox One game because I can play it that way, but not everyone is like me and has 4 consoles hooked up to their TV simultaneously.

pivotplease1174d ago

@JasonKCK Actually the majority were pretty upset and lashed out. Many also lashed out at MS for starting their role in the console market this way and some even lashed out at the Xbox fans asking why they would pay these fees and contribute to MS's success thus making paid online viable. So yes, a lot was said and things got pretty messy since the blame was thrown all around. I for one see it as a result of Sony failing in its other departments and probably nearing bankruptcy. There's a reason why the phones, TVs, and laptops all disappeared at once.

It probably would have never happened if MS didn't have so much success with the 360 but nonetheless Sony made the decision and I understand it was more out of necessity than greed. Who knows how much they spent fueling the networks for PS2 and PS3? Its almost surprising the PS3 had free online since it had almost all the features of Live minus party chat.

DOMination-1174d ago

Each xbox game had to be engineered individually to run on the 360 so it took a long time and after a year or two the demand for those died and MS stopped.

As I understand it the XB1 emulator emulates the actual 360 down to the dashboard UI so all games will just work. It just needs publishers to agree.

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AngelicIceDiamond1174d ago

Its kinda obvious. Sports titles, movie licensed games and other licensing games have expired and I'm sure theres a small fanbase that would wanna go back to those games anyway.

FarEastOrient1174d ago

Don't forget dead companies.

Marvel vs Capcom 3 is one of those licensed properties that we no longer have a way to digitally buy.

Christopher1174d ago

80% would be freaking awesome. Totally know that not everything can/will make it.

Docknoss1174d ago

Haters gonna hate but Ainters gonna ain't

_-EDMIX-_1174d ago

Well that was sorta expected. I'll take 100% native for about $70 used with a 360.

S2Killinit1174d ago (Edited 1174d ago )

Hope your comparison is not a knock at PS4. Personally i prefer PSNow to BC on PS4. Its really not the same thing, but if you want to compare BC capability, then dont forget that PS4 also has options the xbone does not.

Truth is, no one will play these BC games (or at least they wouldnt if MS is doing this generation right). The same thing happened with BC on PS3. Mg PS3 could play almost any PS2, and im guessing PS1 game. I only used that feature once. And just to see how it worked. Then there were too many PS3 games to play for me to worry about old games.

Death1173d ago

"Truth is, no one will play these BC games"

The same nonsense would hold true for PSNow. Sony disagrees with you and seen enough value in their back catalog of games to acquire GaiKai for $380 million so they could rent legacy titles to their users. How you can say no one is interested in free b/c is mind boggling. These same titles will also be for sale for those that don't own the games already. If Microsoft is forward thinking on this, we will also see these titles available on PC in the future.

XanderZane1174d ago

I agree. We know it won't be 100%. It was never 100% on the XBox 360, PS2, PS3 or even the Wii. So he's not lying there. As long as they can get about 75% of the most popular and most wanted titles on the XB1, that would be awesome. There are obviously a lot of games we probably won't want to be B/C as well. I can see a few games not getting the nod if a company was going to do a remastered version for the XB1 and PS4, but that usually happens with 1st party games.

pcz1173d ago

see, this is why the withholding of backwards compatibility for consoles is bs, its all just to exploit the gamer. they want you to rebuy the games via download, or hd 'remasters'... they want to keep selling their ip's which is hindered by backwards compatibility.

gamers should DEMAND that the games they invested in from past generations be compatible when they upgrade to new hardware.

dev/publishers have no respect for gamers at all, and it doesnt help when gamers defend them. who wouldnt want their collection to be playable on current tech?

wake up

luckymouse1173d ago

Yeah, I am still salty about how Sony patched PS2 support out of my PS2 when the PS3 was released!

wake up people!

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jackanderson19851174d ago

why is this even news? it's obviously down to publishers/developers... MS have said as much

games that have been remastered probably won't ever be made BC, it'd be pointless to do so

Godmars2901174d ago

Because its not down to publishers/devs if 100% of the 360's game library isn't BC.

Its not really going to matter so long as no big titles can't be done, no one is going to shed a tear if the Avatar game isn't BC, but then, the point is that something that someone liked might not be BC.

n4rc1174d ago

Because its not down to publishers/devs if 100% of the 360's game library isn't BC.

didnt bother reading the article huh?

first.. he never said they wouldnt hit 100%... he said it'll be hard getting approval from every 360 publisher since some, like THQ have since folded and no longer exist

Christopher1174d ago

Wait... which Avatar game is that? The one based on the movie or the TV Show? If the latter... I sure as heck will shed a tear :(

pivotplease1174d ago

Some great games tend to miss the BC boat. Like why can't I play Birth By Sleep or Crisis Core on a Vita? Licensing issues.

curtis921174d ago

If they're defunct... then... I mean.... go for it. :)

Otherwise whatever assets were sold off from THQ then I would guess the new owners would have that say-so.

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