Final Fantasy or Too Human? The next big thing on 360

The days of exclusive titles for separate consoles are coming closer to an end with the news out from E3 that the next and much-awaited Final Fantasy instalment will be released both on Xbox 360 and PS3.

There's no date set for Square Enix's Final Fantasy XIII but it'll be great to play, taking advantage of the next-gen technology particularly in the field of graphics.

I love Final Fantasy - the varied and deep characters, the endless storytelling, the mini-games, the tough boss fights and the immaculate visual detail. I just can't wait.

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RadientFlux5608d ago

Personally I liked the Too Human demo, thought it was pretty good and the storyline was compelling... but the game isn't for everyone.

I think the next big universal title to be released for X360 will be Fable 2 then followed by Banjo and Gears 2.

jcfilth5608d ago

Fable 2 and Gears2 we agree...but Banjo?? they f@cked up the whole Banjo thing with the stupid cars, more than 60% of the game is in cars. They screwed and awesome classic.

gaffyh5608d ago

Too Human or FFXIII? Obviously FFXIII, Too Human is not even in the same league as Final Fantasy.

@RadientFlux - Banjo will be crap IMO, simply because of all the vehicle assembly stuff, it should have stayed as a platformer. And personally I don't think Fable 2 will be too great, but that's just personal preference. I agree about Gears 2 though.

Ashton5608d ago

FF will not come out till late 2010,,,are we comparing a game that comes out in less than a month to game that's a year an half away?

can I ask why?

hay5608d ago

This isn't comparison as far as I understand. He just points two big games for 360.

RadientFlux5608d ago

the title of the original article is a little misleading

AAACE55607d ago

FFXIII wikk come out Nov. 09 at the latest. Square is trying to keep a steady flow of games coming out. They have one hitting next month I believe. One hitting for christmas or early 09. One hitting in spring. and they will probably have a delay until November, unless they announce some more games to fill the void for the summer months(which they probably will).

beavis4play5608d ago

if these are the choices for the "next big thing" then 360 is struggling.

StephanieBBB5608d ago (Edited 5608d ago )

Yeah I totaly agree with u. The xbox360 has alot of games out and alot of multiplatforms coming out but by the looks of it those are the only ones any xbox360 owner will be playing for a long, long time.

To those of you only owning an Xbox360 in 09: Have fun playing with your Mii look a likes!

plenty a tool5608d ago

there's atleast two mmo's coming to the 360 plus plenty of yet unannounced stuff. any mmo's coming for the ps3 next year?

anyway, i loved the too human demo, and it will be a day one purchase. really looking forward to it.

MikeGdaGod5608d ago

doesn't The Agency and DC Universe count as mmo's???

AAACE55607d ago

Don't get so jumpy... there are alot of games coming out for 360! They were just comparing those two. Go to IGN.com or something to look up release dates.

My opinion... Too Human is garbage! I started playing the demo with an open mind, but got bored and irritated with the game! It may be for some people, but I just don't really like this game. Call me crazy, but too human made me feel like one of those D&D nerds(no offense) from the 70s! In other words the whole thing just felt corny, and copied flashy stuff from other games to cover the corniness up!

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THE_MACC5608d ago (Edited 5608d ago )

Agreed. que the PS3 fanboy rant at Too Human!
ooops too late!

Mausenheimmer5608d ago

You are absolutely right. Whenever Too Human is mentioned, a whole bunch of people start talking about how it will inevitably be garbage, and vastly inferior to the wide range of games coming to the PS3. Makes me wonder if they actually played it, or just take a criticism they read of it as fact.

I, for one, think that Too Human is going to be awesome. Vikings and machine guns, what could be better?

okcomputer5608d ago

I really don't care how too human stacks up to the upcomming ps3 lineup. I own both so its irrelevant. That being said, while some enjoyed it, i thought the too human demo was garbage. The graphics were slightly above 1st gen 360 games, the shooting was terrible, the camera was bad, and while i did like the use of the second analog stick to use the weapons, the mele combat was slow and pretty bland, especially after playing ng2. The dialogue was really cheesy too. After playing the demo my interest in too human went from about a 4 out of 10 to 0.

ThanatosDMC5608d ago

I played Too Human. Didn't like it. I thought it was trash. I was hoping it'd have the Diablo feel... but they lied to me.

VsAssassin5608d ago (Edited 5608d ago )

The PS3 has a much stronger line-up than the 360, as for now, that is. But if there is to be a game that can be named "the next big thing", I believe that game is a PS3 exclusive.

Sorry, but I believe this is true.
FFXIII may have been snatched away from Sony as an exclusive but there are tons of new games to be announced for the PS3, you'll wish MS would just launch the 720.

jkhan5608d ago

I agree with you. The main reason is Sony has tons of Internal Development studios all of them making exclusives for PS3 and we know all of them have delivered amazing games on the ps2. While Microsoft is really lacking in this dept. I wonder why they don't put money in internal studios rather than spending money snatching exclusives and neutralizing them.

RadientFlux5608d ago

I disagree since I'm more looking forward to the X360 exclusives this fall than the PS3 exclusives.

kinggeoff5608d ago

have some great games coming out

good time to be a gamer

still stupid to be a hater

StephanieBBB5608d ago (Edited 5608d ago )

Home will be bigger than most things this fall mainly because Sony is giving out a long time developed MMO-community game for free to it's players. I mean that is really huge! Think of it... They have worked on it and spent millions of dollars on it and we get it for free.

If they gave away FFXIII for free then I would have been wow'ed but come on FFXIII is just another RPG ffs. An extremely highly anticipaded RPG by fans but still, Just Another RPG.

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