90′s Classic Constructor Returns in HD for PS4, Xbox One & PC, First Screens

,System 3 have announced that 18 years after its original release, that the original team behind everyone’s favourite crooked building tycoon sim Constructor, have got the band back together so to speak and are currently working on a remake of the classic game for Playstation 4 Xbox One and PC.

CursedHero2976d ago

Thank cathulu! This is pretty badass!

NobleRed2976d ago

Can't wait. I always wanted to play this game bock on the ps one. Now I can play it on my ps4.

Unlimax2976d ago

Oh my god !!! YES YES .. I'm huge huge fan of the original game and i loved it a lot :D

ault012975d ago

I never played it before but just at from reading it a little sounds like I will love it. I just hope Theme Hospital gets a remake. Too much of my life was on that game


Constructor HD Patch goes live January 29 with free DLC

Constructor to get new patch on January 29 and the next DLC will be free for first two weeks

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Constructor Review - GamerKnights

Gamerknights has done a full review of the new strategy game "Constructor".


"Even in 1997, Constructor was pretty unusual in not offering any missions or a structured campaign. Instead, there are a number of different scenarios and win conditions available, which can be played on a number of difficulty settings across any of the potential maps. The game was always pretty complex, mixing the city building elements of SimCity with criminal elements of the original Mafia, whilst also giving you very detailed controls over the individual elements of the lives of the inhabitants of your developments. Thankfully a new tutorial has been added, which takes a pretty astonishing 40 minutes to play through (and even then it doesn’t cover every single gameplay element)."

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From E3 2017: Constructor’s set to swindle you for rent soon on Nintendo Switch | Entertainium

"Nostalgia comes to mind whenever anyone mentions Constructor, a humorous team-based construction game released during the late 1990s on PC. Aside from SimCity, it was one of my most played city planners of the time. I’ve heard little of it since then, so it came to a surprise when I was approached for an appointment at E3 to check out an HD port of Constructor for the Nintendo Switch." - Eduardo Reboucas, Entertainium

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