An in-depth look at the free Xbox Games With Gold titles for August 2015

Neil writes "July was great but it’s now time to start looking at the free games available to all Xbox Live Gold members thanks to the Games With Gold scheme for August 2015. Does it trump the previous month?"

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oKidUKo1179d ago

None of those games are my usual type I play, which is kind of cool because it means I can try them risk free. Most excited for MGS

JeffGUNZ1179d ago

Very excited to try MGS, I didn't really want to shell out the money for what people are saying is a glorified demo. Will def be playing that. Pretty solid line up for the month of August.

SegaGamer1179d ago

Too many shooters for my liking, but it's free so it feels a bit ungrateful to complain.

poppinslops1179d ago

This is will be the first month where I download all of the games for both consoles... and I'd bet my life on the Tomb Raider reboot being a part of September or October's lineup, so there's that to look foward to as well.

I recently played the Metro 2033 demo (Last light has one as well) and it was great - unique, atmospheric setting with some intense bloody gameplay... and Nazis, for some reason.

I've never played a Metal Gear, so I'm curious to see what all the fuss is about... based on what I've seen, it's like a quirkier version of 'Ghost in the Shell' with an even more convoluted storyline, so I'll probably love it.

I'm hoping 'How to Survive' will be good warm-up for my second run at State of Decay... those goddamned Zombie bastards ate all of my people and ever since I've been afraid to start again.

I suppose all this quality means that the dark days of Panzer Dragoon and Lococycle are behind us... perhaps Ryse or Dead Rising 3 will finally make an appearance?