An Incredible Deal: PS4 console with 2 Games and 3 months PS Plus- £289.95

UK retailer ShopTo are known for doing some great console deals and they are at it once again with this incredible offer for the PlayStation 4.

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Rookie_Monster1174d ago

Super deal. Love competition as both MS and Sony offer these great deals weekly it seems to try to entice buyers to buy their consoles. Win win for gamers

niceguy2451174d ago

Please I want to buy how will I get it?

LoveSpuds1174d ago

This is a good deal but Shopto have really gone downhill over the last year or so. They used to be so reasonable but since they got popular and branched out into selling other kinds of goods they seem to have lost interest in offering competitive prices.

Its a real shame as I swore by them for years but there are almost always cheaper options out there where new releases are concerned.

eyeDEVOUR1174d ago

Wish we got deals like this in the U.S.

blackblades1174d ago

I know right, all I'm seeing over here is xbox one deals every week. Top it off we still don't even have the cuh-1200 series or the 1tb system.

blackblades1174d ago

Disagrees for what it's the truth.

WizzroSupreme1174d ago

That's an incredible deal indeed. Wish I had the cash to put up for it.