Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons dated for Xbox One and PS4

Neil writes "One of the most emotive games of the last generation was without a doubt Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons. 505 Games have now confirmed the new gen release date. If you haven't played the game already, then don't miss it this time."

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spacedelete1227d ago

pointless. even indies are jumping on the remaster bandwagon.

pivotplease1227d ago

It's a pretty sweet game but I would never play it again tbh. Like Limbo or Braid or something it's more of a once and done kind of game. Actually I would play Braid again just to witness the story unfold at the end again. Actually amazing.

Sokol1227d ago

For those who didn't play the game, it's one of those gems you should give a chance to.

Wonderful game. :)

cfc831227d ago

Aug 12th digi

Sep 1st and 4th retail North am/EUR

Dark_Overlord1227d ago

Just pre-ordered the Physical PS4 ( have it) :)

Totally amazing game :)

waltyftm1227d ago

Good little game for those who have not played it, very memorable.