Outlast An Infinite Source Of Horror

ReviewOrigin- Outlast is something where hell won't survive, it’s one of the most horrible games ever made (in a good way). Its delectable, you can only run in the game, you cannot fight back, and you have to run, hide and endure to escape. That's not all the fun of it, it’s so dark you need a camcorder with night vision to navigate through the asylum; when retarded naked men are running after you to waste you off.

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TedCruzsTaint1202d ago

They really need to release mod tools for this one.

XBLSkull1202d ago

Actually just finished this one up last night on X1. I thought it was alright. Not great but not bad, bought it to try something kind of new to me. Sucked not being able to fight back lol, definitely got me to jump more than a couple times. Didn't care for the ending though. Wouldn't play through it again and I wouldn't consider buying the DLC, but not disappointed with the game when I got it at like a $10 price point.

TedCruzsTaint1202d ago (Edited 1202d ago )

First off, I didn't down vote you. I try to respect opposing opinions as much as possible.

But, honestly, the point of it all was the fact that you couldn't fight back.
You were meant to feel vulnerable. It's really the main crutch of what it was trying to do as a horror game.

Also, I felt the DLC, as a whole, delivered more than even the game proper. Even if it was a bit shorter. Perhaps that helped in the long run.

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ninsigma1202d ago

Great game at the beginning with a great atmosphere but it just got very repetitive for me.

OhMyGandhi1202d ago

I didn't mind that the game favored stealth, and the experience was definitely freaky (absolutely no one can deny that the game's atmosphere was impeccable) but the game absolutely fell apart by the end. It had no idea of what it wanted to do or what it wanted to be. They showed the "big guy" way too much, and he simply wore out his welcome. He was no longer a "Nemesis" like character, just a nuisance. The guy with the scissors was so comically outlandish, it changed the game's own tone to something less then realistic, even when most everything else adhered to realism.

It did so much right, and so early on, and for the game to deteriorate, even in its short running time, is incredibly unfortunate.

a wonderful attempt by the developers, and regardless, I can't wait to see what they do next, as they know how build a horror game that hits (nearly) all the right notes.